Sun Magick

I am re-blogging. I absolutely ADORE Sun magick and me Goddess is Hathor a Sun Deity. Also my body runs in cycle to the sun just as much as the moon. Very nice blog Moody Moons!

Moody Moons


A great deal of emphasis is placed on the moon in Wiccan and neopagan traditions.  Many nights we gaze up at the twilight and wait for the wavering, milky white lunar body to appear so that we might harness its power.

This cycle of the moon as a anchoring symbol in spell work is so ingrained in our thinking that we tend to forget the sun’s energy can be used in a similar way.

Now that Ostara has passed, Beltane is on its way and the days grow longer, making it the ideal time to try this approach.  Below are some ideas for working with the solar cycles.

1.  Harness the energy of sunrise, noon and sunset.  You might think of this pattern in the same way you’d think of the waxing, full and waning moon cycles.  Sunrise is an excellent time to address matters like new beginnings, money-drawing and…

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