The Butterfly Maiden’s Guide to Personal Revolution

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

The Hopi Native Americans believe that everything in the physical world has a life force of spiritual energy. The season of spring is a time when nature awakens from the bitter, death-like sleep, with newly budded fingers, and stretches greedily towards transformation. They name this holy metamorphosis of life, the Butterfly Maiden, Goddess of new beginnings and spring. She is the great mother of the people and the living embodiment of change. Within her womb she carries the life force of the cosmos from “dreamtime” to real life.

The Butterfly Maiden is their symbol of creation, rebirth and regeneration. She fuels the energy to achieve all of their dreams, much like Gaia, and the Holy Spirit. She is the living energy of ALL CREATION! As Butterfly Maiden she understands the stillness, the struggle and the constraints that one must overcome to fly. She is thee message of hope and the…

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