What is a Christian Witch?

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

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Lately, I have become bemused and befuddled by Spirit sending me some die hard, religifried Christians who have decided to make it their life mission to “save” me. Now for those that follow me you know I am a Christian Witch. I realize that most Christians and some Wiccans and Pagans are a bit confused as to what that means. So I guess I will give a few lessons.

Wicca versus Christianity

Wicca and Christianity are both of my spiritual paths. How can that be? Well, first off I didn’t make the division of Spirit into sections called religion, man gets all the credit for that. Secondly, Wicca is a spiritual nature religion which believes that the power of the Earth and the Universe is a life giving force which can embody a deity form as God and Goddess but is not limited. In fact, Wicca and Pagans both agree…

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  1. PhoenixAurora_7385 says:

    Have you researched into Espiritismo (Spiritism in English)? It’s a Christian-based type of witchcraft from my understanding. I recently found out that my grandmother practices it but I don’t know much about it myself. I also don’t know if it’s necessarily the right path for me but it never hurts to look into other religions and/or beliefs in my opinion. I hope this somehow helps you on your spiritual path and blessed be!

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    1. Thank you Phoenix! I have heard of it and I’m probably very much like that. However, I do love Wicca as a religion and West African Voodoo. So I’m rather eclectic as my path continues growing and growing. So to me simply defining myself as a Witch seems best as I was born one. And as a Shamanic Witch it doesn’t matter what Spiritual path you follow. Because all of the Earth and Heavens is our sanctuary. Blessed Be!


      1. PhoenixAurora_7385 says:

        That is all very true! I consider myself an eclectic witch as well if I have to give myself a label because there are things other than Wicca that I find interesting too. May your path continue to enlighten your life! )O(

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