Shamanic Witch: Shapeshifting with Goddess Oshun and the Astral Plane

I am a Shamanic Witch. I am not bound by religious restrictions. I am here to learn and share that knowledge with the world. I am not God. Then yet we all are God. I am simply me and this blog are my thoughts. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. The world has enough hate and persecution. So troll on and blessed be!

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Dreamweaver photo courtesy of Katherine Skaggs       The Dreamweaver

Shamanic Witches, are as old as time began. She or he is a walker between the realms of light and dark. She has access to all of heaven and the underworld as well. She is a shape shifter with the ability to transform herself, as well as her world, by the energy of the astral planes.  This is who I am and this is my story.

Hello All!

I have missed you, as it has been almost a week since I last blogged.  I wanted to blog, thought several times about subjects to blog about, but Spirit had my hands tied.  Instead, I was instructed to just listen, journey inward and learn.  This road you travel with me may not always be consistent.  As I grow and stretch, in my spiritual exploration, I will transform myself as well as my blog quite often. So if you want…

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  1. Thank you for your instruction and advice Iyanlfa. I mean no disrespect to your spiritual path. I respect it and you. I’m just me. I write about what I experience and learn. Nothing more. I realize that I am not traditional. But I never have been. I realize there are set rules and initiations in Voodoo. I realize that what I experienced contradicts normal belief. But it’s truly what I experienced. I don’t make money on this blog. It’s not for fame either. I just want to share my life and express my individuality. As a Christian I never confirmed. As a Wiccan I don’t either. So I say I’m just a Witch. Now I learn I’m a Shamanic Witch. It’s weird for me because I was born doing all of these things. If I told you I astral traveled to the heavens and kissed Chango to make him stop the thunder and quiet his rage long before I even knew he was real. You would accuse me of lying. But it is my life. I can stop rain, hurricanes and what not. I can talk to the dead and gods alike. I can heal with my own hands. I don’t know why. But for whatever reason I am blessed. I do my best to honor my ancestors, my faith and others faith. But I am just a student with enormous gifts that feel too big for me sometimes. I try not to think on it. But when I do and it gets too big I blog. Please forgive me is I offend you. It is not my intention. Blessings to you. Ase’!


  2. Insult you? I thought you said you were a High Priestess of Oshun. That is West African Voodoo is it not?


  3. I have not been insulting at all. In fact I’ve been very kind and respectful. That is only your perspective. In fact you are the one that has been rude, judgmental and negative. If you don’t like my blog then don’t read it. This MY experience and MY blog. You are welcome to get your own! Have a blessed day!


  4. IyanIfa Awodele says:

    I carry the ase of oshun and 17 other orisa ase in my head as well as orunmila/ela…they are not Haitian…they are not voodoo. They are the forces of nature that are the entities brought to the world by the indigenous people called Yorubas.

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    1. That’s impressive. And yes I realize that. Many people call that Voodoo. I also know it’s different than Haitian Voodoo. Yes I know all of this. Hon I have no desire to argue with you. Blessings!


  5. I actually don’t care what religion claims Oshun. Oshun is Ganga, Hathor, Mehet Wrt, Isis. She is all. Look I’m not gonna compete with you. There is no competition. Have a nice journey.


  6. IyanIfa Awodele says:

    This way is not a religion, it is a way of LIFE.

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    1. I agree. That is my motto anyway. I’m not big on religion. I prefer a personal relationship with Deity.


  7. IyanIfa Awodele says:

    you too

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