Threefold Law

Ever mind the rule of three. What you give comes back times three.

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Hi there Witchy Woo Woo’s!

Conventional tradition has taught us that the three fold law means that anything we as Witches, do it will come back on us times three! However, this is false! I’ve been a Witch since the day I was born and I have had much experience with the true meaning of the threefold law. As a natural Witch you are a transmitter of great power! It runs freely in your veins like liquid fire! You only have to turn your thoughts inward to manifest anything you want. We do not have to cast circles or shake rattles to build up power because we are POWER.

We channel Goddess and God energy naturally, like a satellite dish. So it only goes to say we AMPLIFY the power of good or evil if it comes out way. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. In fact, everything is energy…

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  1. You say it is false , I say it is true , as you said we are the power, weather this be done with tools or that of the manifestation of the mind . do we subconsciously will something ? or intentionally will it ? sometimes perhaps without even realizing it . ” Never mind the rule of three” is what I call a clause , in away its a form of ” when all else fails ” , the mind and circle work together to be used as a form of protection or even a diversion, to stop something that could not other wise be stopped. in other words when all possibility of reason and logical application have brought no results. Since we , the mind , or the spell ,is invoked by the us, it only seems to reason, that what is send out, comes home to roost . For it is the you, that is the conjurer . The energy may dissipate, but after its dispersal, it must return to its original origins. this is just my understanding …..

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    1. I agree. When I first wrote this I believed that the law of three maybe incorrect. But no, I think it is correct. Yet I may add that not only does it boomerang, good or bad, back to us so does every exchange of energy that occurs. Yes I have since expanded my awareness. As a natural born Witch we don’t need spells or a sacred circle to conduct this energy exchange, rather, we are the sacred circle itself. And every action or thought we put in the world is three times more amplified than that of a regular being. Every one in the world has this effect concerning energy exchange. But what I’m getting at is a natural born Witch is charged like times three. So if you hurt me, anger me, abuse me in some way that will come down on the doer in an amplified way. So too if you do good. If you give me money your money will increase. If you give me love then love in your life will be amplified by those around you. But to a degree that it can be viewed as extraordinary. People that have done me wrong got cancer, or evicted, lost a loved one, a job, had very sick children or spouse, or died. And those that do me good get promotions, married, a new home, win the lottery, or something big and grand in their lives. It’s not coincidence. Because I see a clear pattern based on their actions and as I’ve gotten older the consequence becomes more immediate. It’s a burden I carry and so when there are those that do my harm I pray for them immediately. My heart simply needed to express this and hope to connect with others whom might have noticed the same. It’s a crazy feeling. You know? And a great responsibility to me. I don’t like to see anyone suffer even if they are mean. Blessings! Thank you for letting me expound. Lol.


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