Blessed Ostara! Easter Celebration!

easterbunn me

Hi all!  I have been a dizzy, busy these days with four beautiful kids in tow. Many of you know two of my children have Asperger Syndrome and I am often a  bit overwhelmed with my responsibilities because I must overcome these alone. That is why whenever I have the chance off we go to a fun outdoor festival, or learning experience. I truly believe this world is a gift we are to give to our children and I love showing her off every chance I get!

This year we celebrated our family Ostara ritual at the Easter celebration in Haile Plantation of Gainesville, Florida.  As many of you Witchy Woo Woo’s know, the Easter Bunny is a very pagan concept. The bunny laying eggs comes from the tale of the Goddess Ostara, whom named me, and the fertility of her magic bunny who laid the magic egg. Ofcourse, this was only an allegory for the real story.  The real story being that Goddess Ostara is truly the personification of our Holy Mother Goddess who shines like the Sun as the Dawn of mankind. Her light heralding a new beginning of growth, an endurance of faith and a return of her abundance.

As we entered the Goddess celebration, the pungent aroma of Indian spices, strawberry’s, collard greens and radishes filled the air like music to our nostrils! This was a fragrant and refreshing sight to our eyes!

easter strawberrys fresh vegetables easter easter light

After we gnoshed on some delectable goodies, we marched forward towards the melee of children running greedily in search of those darn Easter eggs. Let the hunt commence!

easter eggs  easter candyeaster tati

All of the children there bounced joyfully in huge bounce castles, and inflatable slides, while the grown-ups snapped picture after picture of their precocious little monsters! I mean they got greedy! Oh and the kids got candy too! LOL…(Just love cheating parents “helping” their kids find eggs. But of course, my little goblins racked up! Not only is the Autistic brain a mean machine of knowledge, we are very skilled survivalists and hunting and foraging a definite specialty.

easter kids  easter jaydonme blake easter

I just loved having all four of my beautiful children together to celebrate! (Ages 20, 13, 9 and 5)

Looking forward to doing something equally special for Beltane this year! Other than that I am continuing to plod along writing my book The Baby Mama’s Guide: From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen! This book will be the first in a series magickal books written especially for the single moms of the world!

Happy Springtime!

Luv, Ostara

If you would like to contact Miss Goodwitch for a psychic or tarot reading or would like to commission her magickal writing talents please feel free to email her at to schedule an appointment!


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