Beauty and the Beast: The Re-Birth of a Christian Witch and the Horned God

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel


Have you ever wondered how a sweet Christian girl could possibly become a Witch? Or what is the real meaning of the Horned Beast-Man of Wicca? Join the discussion as I dive into my personal explanation of The evolution of a Christian Witch.

I have long been a fan of Disney movies. I love the epic stories played out in a fantastical way. My absolute favorite movies are Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. As a child I delighted in the fairies hijinx in Sleeping Beauty and was stragely allured by the terrifying majesty of Maleficent’s power.

In the secondary movie; I became entranced by the provocative story line of Belle and her beloved Beast. I was swept away within the romance of their tentative lovestory, the magick afoot, and the theme of love conquers all.

I find it ironic that as a Christian woman and mother I found…

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