It’s Magic: Release Inner Child Joy!

              HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!

Today is the first day of my vacation! The theme of the day is PLAY. 

NO ADULTS ALLOWED! So act like a kid again! Blow bubbles in your milk! Run thru a sprinkler! Tell a corny joke! When you release your inner child and delight in even the simplest things magic happens!


Childlike play creates a sense of wonder in our life. It pulls us into the land of imagination. When we delight in the joy and positive energy of God’s simplest creation, and relish the loving touch of our Goddess’ embrace, then our fears can be released and our burdens can rest. 

Make your wishes come true magically with play! 

Trade sorrow for happiness

Blow bubbles and try to catch them. Feel the energy of running in the grass with the sun on your face! Or just enjoy the soft breeze and look for shapes in the clouds. Life is filled with wonder! When you notice that everyday your inner happiness increases which yields positive manifestations that help create it!

Trade loneliness for love

So you are alone and feel miserable. But what happens if instead of wallowing in your misery and complaining you do a silly dance to your favorite fast beat song? This gets the endorphins flowing and creates a goddess like energy around you which draws love to you like honey. 

Trade fear for bravery

Why must you be afraid? You are Hercules, Xena the Warrior Princess or Merida the Brave. Watching fantasy movies or cartoons like this can create a bolster of courageous energy around us when we are afraid of our future. Even better playing like them, shooting arrows or playing laser tag or what have you, creates a malestrom of powerful energy. 

This is the trademark of creating a life full of magic!  Life is filled with unlimited potential so tap into its power with play!

Hershey kisses and lemony love,



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  1. Very insightful and empowering. Some great tips for getting the mojo going again. This also reminds me of something I told my wife when we talked about introducing our 4 year old to sitting meditation. It made me laugh because when I thought about it, I really didn’t think it was going to be all that difficult, other than getting him acclimated to sitting still for brief periods of time. I said that he already was way more advanced mentally and spiritually than I was, because his mind is already in the present moment and all he wants to feel and wants others to feel is joy, so he does what he can to make that happen. He already speaks to the trees and is nice to the insects and is curious about the deer and birds, and he wants to say hi to and play with everyone he sees. It made me chuckle and then seriously reflect when I thought that in my own practice, I was actually learning to get my mind back to the state he’s already in!

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    1. Oh I so agree! Watching children play always reminds me of the purity and joy in life. I think sometimes we lose focus and get too serious. Then we lose touch with the magick. For it’s the inner child whom holds the wand. I talk to my tree everyday! Your son may have some Fae blood in him like I do! Blessings and I always enjoy your comments.

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