Beltane Goddess:Queen of the Stars

It is Beltane season and May1st is just around the corner! Are you an incarnated God or Goddess? Are you single at this time of lovers? How are you going to get through Beltane alone? Allow me to show you the way. 

For many of us who are incarnated gods or goddesses Beltane is an especially fertile and passion filled season which has already begun!

This was my FB status this morning:


Of course, most of you know that Beltane, or May Day, symbolizes the marital union of the God of the Land and the Goddess of the Celestial Heavens or Spring. He is often represented by Herne the Hunter, Pan or Cerrunos, while She is Persephone, Ostara, Ishtar or Oshun. 

In the book of Genesis in the Bible they are Adam and Eve, and in the middle of the bible, they are Esther and Xerxes, or David and Abigail and in the gospels they are Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In Egypt they are Geb/Ra/Osiris and Nut/Hathor/Isis. The list goes on and on as they are represented all over the planet in every culture known to man.  

 The sacred union or Hieros Gamos is a ritual played out by God and Goddess of every religion. In fact, it is said that the winged cherubim depicted on the Ark of the Covenant were entwined in a lovers embrace that even the Pagan king found erotic and questionable. 

When the Sun God and the Moon Goddess mate it is showing the same polarity. The Sun and Moon are the energetic forces of the Union between the Goddess force and the God force. We like the stars are their children. 

In Beltane when the Maiden Goddess of Creation mates with the Lad God of Earth that energy is also the same and echoes the energy of the Cosmic All which is God/Goddess. Once entwined they take on aspects of each other. This is the meaning of Temperance, yin and yang…balance. 

The joining of the powerful masculine energy of domination and the subtle feminine energy of re-birth flows and pulses within our very blood and bones. This life force connects us to the body of the Earth as well as Her vast constellations. 

So what is an Incarnated Goddess?

Walking among many of you Earth Angels, elementals, Witches and Fae are incarnated Gods and Goddesses. In fact, many of you who claim one of the categories above may actually be such a being. I am one. 

Incarnated Goddess? How can that be?  First, incarnation involves the lower soul attaching to a body but never the High Soul. The High Soul stays tethered to Great God/Goddess and is never removed unless they remove you. Which in that case you would have no Higher Soul. This is the case for the evil and brutal  humans on the planet. They are untethered and therefore beast like, actually worse! 

So as an incarnated Goddess my high soul is still of much assistance to my little brothers and sisters. But my lower soul is a regular person still struggling with life lessons. Who am I? I dare not say. Though I have incarnated several times and if I meet with a psychic channeler they will pick up on it, to which I then cloak myself before they see all that I am. 

I am not here to be worshipped. In fact, it is my truth that none of the gods/goddesses are but we are here to help guide. That is why so many of us are spiritual teachers and the masses seem to feel inexplicably drawn to us. Jesus Christ, Max Long, Doreen Virtue, Iyanla, Oprah, Louise Hay, Edgar Cayce, Kenneth E. Hagin, Martin Luther King Jr…just to name a few off the top of my head, could very well have been or be such. 

Anyone that teaches life changing truth, walks other realms, and shepherds you to harmony with your Higher Soul with spiritual gifts of manifestation could very well be. I have always been aware to an extent that I am Goddess, even though I did not have a name for it. 

I knew that I was a different kind of child who constantly searched for “my life assignment” developed a plan for my own religion, could physically feel the pain of others if I caused it, discern the future, see the dead, shape shift, and talk directly to God ( feeling I could bypass Jesus of course) and God would actually answer most literally, audibly back! He would respond with answers far surpassing a 9 yr olds understanding. And yes from age 5 I began to notice this about myself. It still continues. 

 I have also always felt the powerful energy of the Earth and the stars and so they have drawn me to study them and learn how to handle my synchronicity with them. That is why many of us are drawn to the occult despite our backgrounds or spiritual path and at early ages practice intuitively how to help people using our gifts. Many of you have been spiritual or psychological advisors since childhood and your clients were often adults! 

Witches, Pagans and Christians are often shocked by certain statements I make about their path because they often times think that I am looking with human eyes. Sometimes, like you I am the same. Seeking, searching and growing but other times I am my Higher Soul and I can see from the viewpoint of the constellations. I mean I do walk among them. 

Beltane to do list for Goddesses

During this season of Beltane my High Soul is in Her Sacred Union and fertile state. Yet my low soul is alone and without companionship. This causes my mental and emotional body pain and sadness. Just as how the moon and sun cycles affect me, the seasons also create within me a symphony of reactive energy that yearns for release! 

So I must take mastery of my desires and shower myself with my own fertile power and create within. Like the Virgin Goddess who births God alone I too must learn to reproduce without a mate. So I write and teach and pray and craft and continue to remember the mysteries of the universe. 

If you are an incarnated god or goddess and are also in the same boat then let us navigate these unchartered waters together. We must travel within and unleash the primal force of our divinity to fly in the heavenly realms and astral planes. Connect with your High Soul this Beltane no matter what you are and allow your High Soul to embrace her twin flame astrally. Make love on the Violet planet or in the Temple of the Soul. Allow spiritual fertilization and orgasmic rapture to take hold of you and bring that creation to life within your works! 

Most Blessed Beltane!  

Luv, Ostara 



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