Dark Moon Rising: Slave Girl No More


The stages of a woman’s life goes through a transition that is much like the ever changing moon. As I explored in my other post there are four stages of Divine Goddesshood a woman will lunar transit. The Maid, Mother, Queen and Crone. The Queen is the Dark Goddess mostly unseen because she has amassed her abundance and harnesses victory but is still full of vitality. The reason she retreats to the Shadows is to gain strength and meditate on Spirit. For she knows true Queendim comes from her Higher self, the hidden expression and her intuition. 

However, when trauma occurs a woman’s natural transitions become distorted and stunted. This is her story. 

Slave Girl

The slave girl is at the beck and call of every man that looks at her more than once. He can have two cross eyes and a toothless grin but if he tells her she is a dime, she is beautiful, then she belongs to him. Sometimes a slave girl is tougher and more hostile. She has a chip on her shoulder and is not going to let anyone put her down and she is the one that is going to call the shots in the relationship. She will dominate, control and often cheat on her man all to make sure he doesn’t take her for granted. And yeah, men will fall for this manipulation if you are really pretty but once you get past thirty, honey, you will be traded in for a younger model and end up bitter and alone.

What both of these type of slave girls have in common is that neither one of them know what they are really worth. Now the dominating type will tell you she tells them up front if they wanna play they gotta pay, but honestly she sells herself short. Using your body to pay your bills is lazy and stupid. The soft spoken slave girl will fix your bath water, not care if you cheat on her as long as you come home and will put up with just about anything. She also may find herself a victim of abuse time and time again. Girl, you got so much magic inside you! You don’t need a man to help you get everything you want. Everything you want is right at your fingertips and it only takes the power of belief within yourself to go get it. Do you want it? Then keep reading…


The Concubine

The next phase is that of the Mother. She is summer and bursting with creation. She can take anything and magically transform it with her life giving essence. She can create her life anyway she dreams it to be and is a blessing to the world. The Mother is in touch with her divine femininity and not ashamed by her sexuality. She is unabashed in her own divine splendor and finds love easily. She births life into existence with her loins, her heart and her mind. She births her life purpose, creates and shapes her destiny and is focused on what it takes to be successful in love and in her career. This is the next phase of the Maiden. She is a Goddess.

However, when the Slave Girl grows up she becomes the Concubine and then she is only a reproductive organ of man’s enjoyment. She is the geisha, the whore, the breeder. She creates in spurts. She too is a Goddess but instead of a life giving Goddess she becomes a volcano Goddess full of destruction and hot lava. She both explodes and destroys everything and everyone around her or she implodes and begins to destroy herself under obesity, depression, drug addiction or sex addiction. She frequently submits her desire to create her destiny to settling for creating babies. This is where the Baby Mama is created. (Btw…the Baby Daddy too…but that’s another book!)


The Old Maid

The third phase is the Queen. Now this is no regular Queen. She is a warrior Queen who has fought many battles, and is living the purpose she birthed in the Mother phase of her life. She is accomplished and fertile. She has weathered many storms, may have some battle scars but her beauty is unequaled and she is a fully divine and sexual being. She is strength and wisdom. She knows when to be silent and when to teach. She is secure financially and has the ability to offer comfort to others. This is the most magical and powerful stage of a woman’s life. This is when she passes on all of her gifts and power to the next maid in her family. Her purpose is to govern her kingdom wisely which she does whether she has a mate or not, it is up to her. She lives life on her own terms and answers to no one she doesn’t choose to answer.

The broken third phase is the the Old Maid. She lives to serve. She takes care of everybody and seldom has time to care for herself. She invests so much into her children she is undefined without them or she has spent so much destruction in their lives she lives in perpetual guilt and remorse and either continues to spiral downwards to her death or tries to spend the rest of her life making up for all her mistakes, which she can never accomplish. If she holds a measure of faith and has managed to live a decent life then she will still live in servitude to man. She will be in servitude to her job, a partner or her children. She will live paycheck to paycheck and amass a great deal of debt. Either way, she fails to realize she has a kingdom, much less the ability to rule it.


The Crone Goddess

The last phase of life is the Crone. The Crone is the combination of the other three phases. It is said that the Crone phase the woman is withered and barren but I disagree. Even if the woman is no longer fertile and able to bear children she still has time to create life. In fact, it is never too late to be the Maid, the Mother or the Queen. That is the secret of being a Crone. She knows that she is a Goddess and immortal and therefore she can be whatever stage she chooses. This is when she is also able to reap the many blessings from the wisdom she passed down as the Queen. This is the time of a woman’s rest, where she can live off the great wealth of love and financial prosperity she has amassed within her kingdom.

There is no broken fourth phase. The woman stays a Maid until the day she dies, toiling ineffectually the rest of her days. She never has rest, for often she has to raise her own grandchildren, as the painful effect of the slavery she has passed down like a dis-ease to the rest of her offspring. Slavery is not born into anymore, it is taught! I think of these broken phases of woman like the many myths written by men blaming women for the troubles of the world. These myth make women appear weak, stupid or just plain evil. Women are GIFTS to this planet, an ever flowing fountain of life and forceful energy. This energy has been contained and squashed down for so long because men became afraid of it. But NO MORE.

Fix the flow

If you are broken then the only way to fix the flow is to submit to the Queen. It is time to journey within. Learn to work with your intuition, research other spiritual paths, stretch your joints and sinews and learn about the mysteries of woman. Yield to the Goddess in you that you have so feared all of your life. Be brave. Be free. Be you!

Sunbeam Blessings!

Love, Ostara  


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  1. Joanna DeVoe says:

    Oh my! This is powerful stuff! Definitely including it in today’s Weekly Witch Review! HAPPY BELTANE… -xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Joanna! WoW!!! I am truly flattered! Blessings to you I am a big fan!


  3. Rehanon says:

    I love love LOVE everything here! I couldn’t agree more!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rehanon! Mad respect and luv to you goddess!


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