Twin Flame or Soul Mate? 

What is the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame?

I’ve searched many books and websites trying to understand this better. Everyone wants to love another on the highest spiritual vibration as possible. No one wants to fall in love only to have it burn bright then fizzle out.  Even in the Bible the Word says two should be equally yoked. 

What is a Twin Flame?

So what’s the difference? A twin flame is a person that you share a common vision  and destiny. It doesn’t matter how they look, what hobbies they have or even religion they share. The two of you have a soul connection because together you elevate one another to the greatest of heights which also makes the world around you a better place.  When twin flames are together they feel united as to one soul. You know that you belong to that person and it can either overwhelm you or pull you closer. Usually when they first meet one goes overboard while the other ducks and hides. Or sometimes they both run from each other. In fact, it usually goes back and forth for a little while. 

What is a Soul Mate?

A soul mate relationship is basically for selfish gains. You think they are hot! They fit everything on your list of what you want but there is something lacking. You might feel great joy and happiness with them. And honestly with the right one you can succeed. Most soul mate relationships are rife with karmic lessons, and usually are temporary. They come into your life to help you grow. It’s a lack of who you are which draws you together. 

Lately, I have had a lot of men coming out the wood work for me. The attention has become so overwhelming I just run and hide. These men have unfinished karmic business with me and somehow sense my twin flame is connecting to me. My goal is to block out these distractions and focus, not on my TF, but on me and being my best. You can’t obsess, just pray and continue to keep your heart open to love. 

I block out the negative people in my life and if my admirers are not on my level spiritually I keep it moving. I don’t like hurting anyone but at this stage in my life, why pretend? I long for a spiritual relationship with a man that will pray for me, be there when I need guidance and be my best friend. 

Until I find that in someone I will keep my heart open but my mind and body closed from them. Today is precious. Don’t settle for Mr. Or Miss Right Now because if you’re occupied you may miss Mr. or Miss Forever. 

Signs of a Twin Flame

A feeling of destiny, familiarity or love at first sight

A feeling of belongingness and understanding 

Many people oppose or try to thwart you being together(karmic soul ties) 

Feeling overwhelmed or joined to them without even a kiss

Men feel the need to protect, care for and claim them without knowing why

Women feel the need to support emotionally, adore, and give themselves to them without knowing why

They expose your flaws with their presence and light something within you to make you want to be a better person, not for them, but for yourself

If they walk away from you they don’t cut ties completely no matter how weird or crazy you act trying to get them back, they still treat you with respect 

They pray for you or intercede spiritually on your behalf

You may have intense sexual or love dreams about them each time you try to forget them

They are not someone you feel you need to raise, but someone you see as your equal no matter their age (18 and up)  or background

You usually appear to be opposites externally or superficially but internally have the same beliefs and destiny

The sexual attraction is so strong when you are together and get heated people notice it and make remarks

You can sit in silence together only touching knee to knee and feel whole





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  1. Kristina says:

    Yes…i have found my twin flame! People will not allow us to be together…and they run from it. Everything on this list describes it, i feel i must be there for them always, i dont know why. But, as it says, something is always blocking us from being together.

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    1. I have learned to connect with your twin flame requires two things. A spiritual awakening that leads you on to the path of your earthly destiny. And using Magickal prayer and affirmations to call, energize and tether your relationship. Remember the natural world order HATES and always tries to divide God/desses plan. And that is why She has equipped us with gifts and wisdom to make our stand. Do not fight with your flesh, fight spiritually. And have faith!


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