💝Soul Mate Love Spell💋💋💋

Hi there Single Folks! Well, I never thought I’d do this. But one day I just got so exasperated from being without a quality relationship for three years. I had changed my attitude, developed myself spiritually, reconstructed my whole life. And still I waited alone.

So what did I do? I decided to use a little magic to get the job done! My intention was just to attract a little traffic, maybe a date or two, just to enjoy myself. I did not want to try to control someone or compell anyone to come to me, because I feel that’s morally wrong, but I wanted to send a beacon single to my soul mate.

So if you’re looking for a quick, give me a mate type spell, then this is not it.

First, to me a spell is no more than a prayer with a little razzle dazzle. Magick makes praying fun and exciting. This excitement raises the energy imprint of your prayer creating a burst of speed to the reception of your prayer. Do I think my spell is perfect? No. But it suited me.

Psychology of the Love Spell

First, choose the best possible time of sun and moon transit in your astrological houses. I went on YouTube and watched videos by astrologers to obtain that info about my Zodiac sign of Libra. I also looked at my rising sign of Scorpio.

Now , it so happened the Sun was shining brightly in my house of love, the seventh house. And it was a New Moon in my zodiac of Libra in the sign of Aries. So what this told me if I focus my prayer to God at this time, I would be successful in drawing love.

The Aries gave my spell a ferocious push like the Ram it is and it pushed right into my Libra sign of love. I did my spell a few weeks before the transit took place on the Blood Moon eclipse. On the night of the New Moon I remphasized it. Now I’m going to be honest here, I did not go by a book spell or even followed all the Witchy rules.

I simply listened to Spirit and hearkened to my intuition. I decided this spell would simply be a raising of my love energy and a call to God and my Angels to send forth my soul mate.

 (Sorry gotta get a new mani/pedi)
Ostara’s Magical Soulmate Love Spell


An egg, a pink candle, rose scented candle, honeysuckle scented candle,  sacred oil (I used Isis and Frankinsense & Myrrh)

Herbs- Lavender Calling Blend( from Otter&Trout), Rose petals, Magical Rue

Orisha Oshun Wash

First, I saged my sacred space. Took a shower washing with a little Oshun wash mixed with honey, moringa and blueberry soap ( you don’t have to do that but I do everyday).

I put on my bathrobe, lit my favorite incense(lily because I wanted a pure and faithful love). 

As the incense burned I dressed my pink candle with my oil while thinking about the great and eternal love Isis has for Osiris. I crushed my herbs together with my mortar and pestle. I then placed the herbs upon that candle with the intention that their energies would imbue my love candle with power. I placed my candle in a candle holder making sure it was not around anything flammable. 

I pulled out my Goddess tarot cards from Doreen Virtue and asked Mother Holy Spirit to show me what aspects of Her I needed to express to bring forth my twin flame or spiritual love mate. 


I placed the cards that came forth on the altar. I also pulled out the soulmate card and a power card from my other decks and placed them all upright upon my altar. 

I have a seven pointed star, which represents the seven aspects of Mother Holy Spirit, as well as many other Goddesses of Venusian love energy, in the center of my altar. 

Oh I also filled two wine chalices with moon water on each side of my altar. I placed a pink Quartz Crystal in the center of my seven pointed star. 

Then I prayed: I bound up any negative, lower energies in the name of Jesus, cancelled all negative thoughts or words or deeds that I have done or has been done against me. 

I lit all my candles as I prayed this.  I burned my herbal mixture on top of a hot charcoal in my cauldron and said my incantation. 

Holy Spirit, Mother God, Abba Yhwh, Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Angels, spirit guides and goddesses in God’s holy light I summon thee. I declare and decree that I will be joined with my true love soon, and listed the goodly characteristics I wanted or better I added. 

I cracked my egg into a bowl nearly in a trance like state. I added a little to the herbal mixture and said may the Light of our love yoke us together as one spirit and one soul in Christ. Blessed Be! It always works! Thank you Mother, Father, Angels and Guides. Amen. 

I used a snuffer to put out my candles and left everything on the altar until the night after the New Moon transit. 

I followed up with my Goddess oracle cards for direction from Mother God and She said,”Be Strong” through Goddess Sekhmet. She sits on a throne the Queen of Lions. She is still upon my altar. 


Since the new moon I have allowed myself to be friendly and available. A lot of this really depends on your confidence and self love. Honestly, I didn’t think much about the spell as it was the first real one I had ever done for myself and not others. I didn’t think it would work!

Two weeks later I become inundated with many offers of Łove,marriage proposals and even love from far away and a fifteen year silence has appeared. I have reconciled with an old friend and all of my relationships, no matter what kind, have vastly improved. To be honest I have become overwhelmed with all of the male attention.

So I have decided to just pray, release my fears, be moral and stay true to myself and spiritual beliefs. I do pretty good for the most part and ironically have not entertained half the men that came a-knocking! I realized it’s not attention I seek but a quality of love and Godliness.

Oh! Here is a love reading I did for myself today about my near future. Present says reconciliation and the outcome is Past Life Love and Wedding. So wish me luck!

I am truly happy and peacefully waiting for my handsome King. And here I will stand, happily single, completely surrendered to God and surrounded by love! Loving myself this time! I guess I have truly become Queen of Lions indeed!

Have a blessed day!

Luv, Ostara


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  1. be careful what you wish for …. winks. good week

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your method of design, taking into account all the subtle details and nuances of psychology and specific intent. That’s right up my alley. Your verbiage and delivery of the incantation is supremely lovely as well. The whole thing is just brilliantly designed and executed, and seems to come from a very precise, though still playful, type of mindset. So wonderful. I also feel the same way you do about the nature of what spellwork is exactly. You really are a magician to look up to!

    (I also love your cards)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I’m absolutely flattered! Thank you so much! I’m not perfect, just flow with Spirit. Anyone can do it. Tap into the wise elder within yourself. It’s right there! Blessings Darryl!

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