Soul Ties: Who Do You Love?

One of my followers on Facebook asked me to talk about Soul Ties.

What is a Soul Tie?


It all starts with that sideways glance, a slow licking of his lips, her easy smile, and your heart thumping madly in your chest. Attraction is instant! It is chemical, metaphysical, irrational, and never follows the rules.  Often we fall in love with people we least expect. The one we thought we never could get, or the one we thought that we least would want. However, inexplicably we found ourselves pulled towards them in a slow drag to love.

If the attraction isn’t spiritually edifying then it can be unhealthy. If you are drawn to someone that seeks to take without giving, love without listening, or give without expecting; you may have found yourself drawn into an unhealthy soul tie relationship. These relationships are marked with feelings of familiarity and understanding, and may even be fun at first. But your bank account drops, your self-esteem bottoms, you might even pick up unhealthy habits or become complacent in your already existing ones.

Real love edifies and lifts you towards being your ultimate best. Your partner should be your staunchest supporter, spiritual covering and ecstatic witness to your life. Their very existence should encourage you to soar the greatest heights. And their morality and integrity should shine a light on your flaws for self-exploration; all the while propelling you to clean up your act and become more successful! A soul tie such as this can be a friend, lover, soul mate, or even family member. If you are lucky enough to find one to treasure as a life partner, then you are truly blessed and they most likely are your twin flame.

Soul ties can also be to a particular issue in your life or even community. Your spirit can be soul tied to poverty, drugs, sexual problems, bigotry, greed, overeating, injuries, disease, and certain places.  These are past life karmic ties that can either be helpful or cause you adversity and challenges in your current life. These can be broken as well if you wish.

Also I want to say a quick word about breaking curses and supposed bondages of witchcraft. First of all, witchcraft is not evil! Witchcraft is the ability to transform matter into energy that will bring healing or transformation to self or others. Witchcraft comes with rules to harm none or the Witch will suffer dire consequences. Just like anything else, pharmaceuticals, food, exercise, sex, money; if people take these forces and do evil with them they become evil. That does not make these things inherently evil. It is the people that abuse them that create evil. I mean are all men evil because men existed named Hitler or Dahmer? No. So stop labeling and being prejudice. And yes, I am a Christian Witch that is radical for Christ! DEAL WITH IT!

How to Break Unhealthy Soul Ties

breakthrough faith

I am going to make this short and sweet. First, I will say I am not a medical doctor or licensed psychologist. So if you are in imminent danger, feel abused, suffer from addictions or are being stalked do not rely solely upon my blog to deal with your situation. Please get professional help!  And another thing, those spells you see on the internet will not work for you unless you believe they will. But know it will most likely be temporary if you do not explore the issue behind it and overcome it.

1. Decide. Commit. Believe

  • No magick spell is stronger than your own free will. So until you are truly committed to being free of this person or issue then you will not be. What you will….Will be.

2. Visualization

  • You need to have a clear view in your mind of how you perceive your life without this tie. You should actually create a visual board, list, sticky notes, anything to help you see the vision and make it plain. Use your facebook, make a photo album of how you see your life and share it only with yourself.

3. Take Authority~Kiss OFF!

  • Speak directly to that person, or issue, or fear and tell it thank you! tell it for thanks the lessons that it/he/she brought you but you no longer  wish to participate or involve yourself in this anymore. Then delete his/her number, delete his/her pics and move on. If it is not a person then you can symbolically take your stand by destroying a picture of it, tearing down anything that represents it in your life, pr getting rid of the darn thing! Just remember to be safe and careful.
Katherine Skaggs
Katherine Skaggs

4.  Angelic 911

  • Your angels and spirit guides incarnated with you on the spiritual plane. They have been there all of your life. Your ancestors are also available to assist you in this life. No God did not just abandon you to this big, bad world to depend only on humans.  There are helpers plentiful! Call on Archangel Michael to sever the ties that bind you to the people or circumstances that have been your prison. It is time to let the captives free!
  • Simply pray, “Archangel Michael,(or divine helper of your choosing) with your mighty sword of truth, strike free the bonds that tether me to _______. May this freedom abide for all time, freeing me from past life karmic obligations or vows through eternity. I renounce every vow or commitment made to ______________ or every word of fear concerning__________. So have I willed it. So shall it be! I am free! Now Holy Spirit fill me with your precious cleansing diamond light! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Always a blessing! It always works!” CELEBRATE!
  • Then every day for the next eight days you rise, simply thank your divine intercessor, for your freedom and rejoice! (do it longer if you wish but use no negative words…only thank for the good outcome).

5. A New You

  • Now it is time to internalize why you made that choice to begin with. Write down in a journal and explore why you made those choices.
  • Make a conscious decision to choose differently and write out what are those new beliefs.
  • Dialog with a friend or therapist about healthy options and for encouragement and support
  • Change your lifestyle to reflect the new you and reward yourself

me dawn

6. Magick Wish

  • Of course, being a Christian Witch, I have to add a dose of magick! For extra insurance you can add this magickal recipe. But I do believe strongly that it should be in addition to the other tips given here.
  • On a New Moon or Full Moon do the following: Cleanse yourself a sacred place. Light some myrrh incense or something that resonates with you spiritually. A good one for releasing relationship addictions would be LAVENDER. Ring a bell, sing a song of praise to your God or Goddess, or both! Light a white candle (in a safe place), sit meditating or gazing into the flame. Visualize your issues or karmic ties melting away. Speak your prayer with conviction and authority. Use a snuffer to extinguish your candle and consider your problem healed.

7. Crystal Therapy

  • I am a big fan of crystals. They line the gates and very foundations of Heaven, were worn by all spiritual teachers and high priests, even in the Bible.  So wearing a crystal for divine protection and energetic spiritual help will ease your transformational process.
  • List of crystals I recommend: White Selenite, Green Moldavite, Violet Amethyst, Green Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Quartz, Obsidian, and Chalcedony. These assist with balancing your heart, throat, root and crown chakras. To me these are the most important in eliminating addictions, standing in your own truth and transformation and healing. Stones for the Solar Plexus are also crucial, and for me there is only one Amber. Amber actually is a tree resin and not a crystal but it is as old as time and powerful too! It will help you transform negative energies into energy that will heal you from within. It also draws disease out of your body.

Whelp! I hope you enjoyed my post! By the way, I am looking for someone willing to help me become more proficient at using SEO and building an even more professional and lucrative blog. I am willing to trade for free advertisement. SO if you like my blog and believe in me, then I could use some help! Thank you and many blessings!

Luv, Ostara



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    you are truly blessed by our gracious mother i so enjoy all you post i pray you continue to do this beautiful writing blessings to you and your


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