Ostara Goodwitch’s Quick Earth Angel Detox Potion (Part 3)

me dawn

Angel Detox for Relationships and Beauty (Crystal Guide Included)

I began my journey healing my outer appearance, first within myself. I shed thousands of pictures of ex- relationships and miscellaneous garbage from my I-phone, computer and Facebook! And I have gotten rid of all my toxic relationships! Next, I have stopped my self sabotaging behaviors with guy friends, such as texting them endless paragraphs, or always texting them first everyday, and bringing up other men to them.  I really am only either trying to push them away to see if they care, or how much they care, or just misbehaving trying to get attention. It is time to stop all of that immature crap and develop healthy boundaries. And though I am very sexual, there are other things on my mind than sex. So I have stopped merely dialoguing about sex as a way to connect to them and am learning ways to speak about things that really matter to me. Because I was not used to healthy men, only predators I am practicing on all of my friends, male and female, gay and straight, setting more healthy boundaries. Though I am not quite ready to relinquish my little inspirational collage photos I text them! LOL! I will keep it to a minimum…..promise!  I just LOVE encouraging, cheering on and loving my friends with hugs, kisses and elevating words. But there is a limit to even that, for most people.

Next I have followed my heart’s passion and I sink all of my enthusiasm for helping others into my blog! My blog is my baby and is inspirational, uplifting and I also get great feedback from my followers. I truly learn as much as I teach and it is a wonderful and fulfilling relationship that is propelling me to the publication of my book series! (March 2016)

Finally, I am obtaining my fitness goals of shedding excess weight, and developing my lean muscles by working out at the gym and cutting my meals in half. I also make healthier choices all the way round! Life is GOOD!

Ostara’s Quick Earth Angel Detox

  1.  Delete and discard all old photos or memorabilia of ex relationships. This will open your energy up to receiving people into your life of a higher energy vibration. If you are carrying around toxic energy on your phone all day, toxic people will be magnets to tit.
  2. Do a spiritual chord cutting ritual (see my Soul Tie Spell post)
  3. Pray, Meditate, and do rituals of self-love and self-care to celebrate your divinity(blow bubbles…play)
  4. Connect with friends who are living a lifestyle you wish to embrace
  5. Create concrete goals you wish to accomplish
  6. Evaluate and release toxic behaviors and relationship patterns
  7. Define your boundaries with friends, co-workers and potential love partners
  8. Choose only friends willing to cover and protect that unique and special innocence within you.
  9. Be Yourself, don’t change for others….EVOLVE!

Earth Angel Detox Potion

Glamour Spell

One part spiritual development, two parts healthy boundaries, three parts LOVE, a scoop of utilizing your personal talents and purpose, and a healthy dose of JUST DO IT!


Crystals for Confidence & Self-empowerment

(Meditate and wear these crystal on your person to work with their energies. (Please seek a guide on ho to charge and cleanse your crystals properly before using!)

confidence crystalssodalite confidence crystal

With Conscious and Unconditional Love,




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