Earth Angel Detox: Relationships and Boundaries (Part 2)

Releasing Toxic Relationships (Crystal guide included)

love is medicine

For most of my life there have been two kinds of men that find me. These men after awhile, sense this innocent place within me and either have sick fantasies of sullying it, want to abuse it or protect it. To be quite frank I have only found the first two.  I have never been with a man who treasured that special facet of my character and wished to protect me and cover me, well except my friend. I think he does, but alas, we are only friends. Lol! Maybe that is what it takes! So I treasure him in return and try to be very careful to not over step my boundaries, and just simply be a friend!

So now that I have become aware of these men that prey upon my innocence, I am learning to arm and shield myself spiritually.  First and foremost, I take it to the Lord and Lady in prayer, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are my guides. Then I have learned to stand up for myself, put my foot down, and tell them NO!  This week has been especially difficult, as I have been stalked, and preyed upon by a very dominant and possibly drug addicted male. I have deleted his phone number, told him I want nothing to do with him, and he showed up at my house with all his belongings telling me he was gonna move in!  And I promise you….I have DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to lead this man in this direction.

I wanted to call my friend to come and kick this guys ass, but I don’t wanna just keep running to someone for help, when I need to learn to take care of things like this myself. I am an Earth Angel, so my very nature is giving, loving and I find it very hard to understand how people want to be greedy, selfish and harmful. I don’t understand hurting those that love you, nor do I get how a person can put trust into someone, for them to only lie and betray you, but it happens.  Of course I have been guilty myself of hurting people, and even lying occasionally, but I usually fess up and suffer the dire consequences.


Setting Angel Boundaries

This blog post is intensely personal for me. I have never really liked opening myself up completely and being intimate because people are always taking advantage of my unconditional love.  Yes, I feed homeless people. Yes, I would let a beggar take a shower in my home. Yes, I have let a schizophrenic homeless woman sleep on my couch for a night, room doors locked, and morning inventory done before she left…but I have done it. My mom said I should’ve been a pastors wife, lol, but now that I am a Christian Witch, I don’t think that is going to happen. Well, anyway, finally after threatening to call the police on him the man left! I felt bad a little, because he is homeless and doesn’t have anything, but I can’t allow him to turn my life topsy turvy. I have my own share of troubles, don’t need to borrow anyone else’s.

So you see, I can be strong too! In fact, at many jobs I have had I can be a regular steamroller and have been accused of being a “shark”, the police, told I do too much, and an overachiever.  I am quite a go-getter and the other side of my personality is a bona-fide street hustler!  And yes, I can throw down and have whipped plenty a behind in my day, man or woman! But my tough outer shell, hides the delicate flower inside the iron pot.  I think once I shed my weight, and actually begin to look, the way I feel inside, it will be scary for me.  To be physically small, when I am already spiritually child-like, is a daunting task for me.  What has made me feel more heroic though, is weight lifting! So I have decided to craft my body so that I am not only going to get smaller with my weight but stronger! That strength will shield me and it makes me feel better about finally having my outside match my inside!

The trouble with boundaries is that Earth Angels love without barriers.  However, we will often push and pull with people that we care about because we have built walls to the Kingdom within.  We also do not see authority. We feel everyone is an authority, therefore, bosses and supervisors are just regular people to us. I have had closer relationships with my superiors than my own peers because I am very direct, honest and treat them just like everyone else.  I also have no problem taking over! This can cause us to bump heads at first but when they see I do not seek credit only to be a help and elevate whatever place I am employed they open up to me and take my advisement, at least privately. In personal relationships, though, it can be quite different.

Best crystals for confidence in love and setting healthy boundaries.

rose quartzcrystal emotional balance

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Luv, Ostara



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