The Evolution of the Christian Witch of Hip Hop

Hello all!

This is the second part of my reply to: Can a Christian be a Witch? This is a little bit about me as a Christian and a Witch.

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First of all, I am a Christian Witch! I was born into a free thinking Christian family, with roots tied to Witchcraft and Christianity on both sides of my family.  My father’s mother was a Haitian whose spiritual heritage is Voodou and Christianity. We are also descendants of the Tutsi Africans originally of Ancient Ethiopia, who were seven foot descendants, who were the progenitors of the Ancient Israelites and Egyptians. My mother’s grandmother was born in Scotland and raised in Massachusetts, as in Salem, then migrated to Michigan! Yeppo, buddy! They became devoted Christians, my great-grandmother even became a missionary, but uh….her favorite day was Friday the 13th.  My grandmother (my great-grandma’s eldest daughter) was a gifted psychic in her own right, as well as completely obsessed with the paranormal and tarot.

So what exactly does this all have to do with being a Witch? Well first of all, there are two kinds of Witches. One who learns the craft through arduous study and those born with paranormal gifts and secret knowledge of the craft from our DNA and past lives. I am of the latter group, because as a child I was clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant. I developed clairaudience later in life, though it is not as strong as my other gifts, maybe because I do not like it much. In fact, everyone in my mother’s side of the family that I have talked to have various gifts. I also began showing signs of other paranormal gifts as young as nine years old.  I will list a few here but to make this post shorter I will not expound on them.

  • Weather magick
  • Invisibility
  • Talking to God, Angels and the Dead directly and along with visions, clairaudient responses, and channelng
  • Shape shifting
  • Astral Walking
  • Pre-cognition
  • Clair-everything
  • Manifestation
  • Divine Alchemy

My relationship with nature has always been a bit different and yes, magickal! I would talk to bees, could allow fire ants to crawl all over me without being bit (age five), communicate telepathically with animals, actually feel others emotions, read thoughts, and project my thoughts so that people would answer out loud what I asked them in my head.  Now many people do all or some of these things as adults. But even I must admit that having this innate ability so strongly even as a child was extraordinary.  My IQ was also very high, and I just KNEW how to read at the age of three! I could write my name by the time I was four!

However, being raised a Christian in the 80’s was a bit confusing for me. In those days, not too many Christians that weren’t die hard, no pants wearing Pentecostals, spoke in tongues, prophesied, or talked about visions. So all of my gifts felt bad to me, or I just did not understand everyone weren’t exactly the same.  I also had a deep feeling of love for all of humanity, had dreams of creating my own religion and by the age of twelve had read the entire Bible, in King James English and understood it! I also had a very deep relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Now all though my parents were Christians, they did not force me to go to church.  They worked on Sundays, and my dad taught me God was everywhere, not just in a church.

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So I would just talk to God like He was my invisible friend. One day, I realized, after reading the Gospels in the Bible, that we can talk to GOD directly because Jesus bridged that gap for us. So I bypassed Jesus and went straight to the head! I would talk God and ask all kinds of question. And you know what? He would answer me back! One time in a loud booming voice accompanied by a rainbow in the  sky. But most times with a stream of golden light around me and an incessant transmission of information that sort of was downloaded into my very being telepathically. I would ask deep questions too! Like why do children get sick and die? Why did that boy try to rape me? etc…. Yeah my life was not an easy one. I was persecuted on earth by people to the point that I wanted to return to heaven as young as seven years old and that did not change until I hit thirty and began writing.

Now as my relationship with God and my christian walk developed, also did Spirit continue to teach me the mysteries of the stars through astrology, numerology and fortune telling. I had a fire in my belly for the Lord and a thirst to be in His house, worship Him, learn about Him and teach others about Him. It got to the point I would preach to my dolls in the living room as a kid! I even made up my own church, with all my own beliefs. I also was allowed to explore spirituality by my parents and visited all kinds of churches to find my particular path.  None fit until I went to JPLCC, an non-denominational church, at the age of twenty-six.

Now as a Christian adult I was taught, like everyone else, that occult practices, such as fortune telling and astrology were completely forbidden in our faith.  So I grappled with my natural tendencies. I began having very vivid prophetic visions at church, sometimes going into trances and astral traveling to Heaven. I saw Angels, Demons, and the energy of sickness and emotional issues literally on or around people at church during prayer. I could feel the heat of my hands expand as I put my hands forward in unison with the congregation to project healing on someone up at the altar. I could literally feel the healing energy leave my body and would be stunned when the words I was thinking would come out the Pastor’s mouth! It was at church I learned Reiki healing, in a sense, and how to control heavenly healing energy, transfer that through my hands and direct that even at a distance to heal others.

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So now as a Witch, I utilize my natural paranormal abilities and alchemical studies to be a better person, fulfill my personal destiny and help humanity. I am an Angel tarot card reader (regular tarot with Angels on it), energy healer, spiritual teacher, guardian of Mother Nature, and spell craft practitioner. I do not infringe on the will of others. I only empower or heal. That is my decision and choice of practice.

Have A Blessed and Delightfully Wicked Weekend!

Luv, Ostara



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