Yes! A Christian Can Be A Witch!

I am writing this blog post in response to the blog post: A Controversary Topic, Can a Christian Be a Witch? by Witches of the craft (whom I am a big fan of by the way). I had to break it up into two posts because it got too long. There is much to learn I am only giving you a teaspoonful of what God/dess has taught me all of my life. The response is because the writer stated that basically they felt a Christian and a Witch are two completely different things that no one can really take seriously or possibly become!  Well, here is my take on it.

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Okay…so let me get to it! How can a Christian be a Witch? Fast forward a few years of church stuff….I went through a painful divorce and began really seeking the bible again for answers. Now I hadn’t really spent time in the Bible like that since I was a kid.  I discovered through intense research in Hebrew, dead sea scrolls, kabbalah, Jewish history and studying many other ancient religions, that God has a wife! I mean, that is a really basic way to describe the Goddess who the original writers of Genesis call THE BEGINNING, and who John also quotes as THE BEGINNING who,subsequently, birthed the Christ in Heaven.  Later, in the Bible they called her Asherah, when they began calling God El. When the Israelites went into slavery in Egypt they tried to disassociate themselves with her, because of Goddess Hathor who was the Egyptian name of the Goddess.

They wanted nothing with identifying themselves with their oppressors, so they fought hard to extinguish Her presence in their lives. In fact, the Jews even built a golden calf dedicated to Goddess Hathor and her son Horus! When Moses saw this he threw down the Holy commandments that God had written with His own hand and they shattered into pieces! However, Moses soon found out a little differently about the Goddess to his astonishment! When he asked to see God’s Glory it was HER back that he saw and he became so enamored with Her that he began forsaking his own wife, as is recorded in the book of Kabbalah by the Jews.  This was why Miriam and Aaron were quibbling with him. When the tent of meeting was erected, the inner sanctuary, where the ark of the Covenant inhabited would breathe. It created a sound as if someone was inhaling and exhaling, so they began calling Goddess the Ruach hakodesh. She was the embodiement of the Holy Breath of Spirit, or Holy Spirit.  In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is also called God.

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In many religions, the Holy Spirit Goddess, or Goddess of Living Breath, is  the Supreme being. In Hawaii, the very word  translates to people of the Breath, and Aloha means belonging to the Breath (as in Her being their dwelling place).  In Wicca, the same Lord and Lady,  God and Goddess that many worship is the very same Christ and Holy Spirit that Christians worship. In fact, much of the Bible is based on Egyptian, Sumerian and West African holy teachings. The original Holy Books, before they were copied, were originally written by Goddess worshiping Sybil prophetesses, of whom I was in a past life.

As far as polytheistic Gods or Goddesses, those that believe that these being are uniquely individual are misguided. Yes they have a very individual energy, but they are all aspect of ONE God who is God and Goddess. This may seem a bit controversial to say, but in that respect both Christianity and Islam are actually right! Their is ONE God in the sense of all things of creation are God. Now, that ONE being is comprised of God and Goddess energy. Goddess is the Quorobos that eternally eats Her own tail and God is the energy birthed from that action. They co-exist simultaneously as well as apart. So whether you call God/dess Hathor, Isis, Jesus, Mary, Hecate, or Oshun…..they are really ONE. And so are we!

As a Christian woman it was crazy when the Goddesses started introducing themselves to me and sometimes before I even  learned about them in research. And of course when I meditate I connect with the other planes of existence and actually study with them. One person that I have always studied with is Jesus Christ. Jesus has come to me as Cerrunos, Maitreya, Quetzalcoatl, Thoth,and so on. He is a Shamanic Witch, God in flesh and His existence has come to Earth many times in recorded history. He hasn’t just come once! lol……He comes over and over again. I believe the last incarnation was as Jesus Christ and the next time He comes it will be to re-birth the planet. And he comes nearly thee exact same way, under the same astrological occurences. In fact, Wicca celebrates His birth every WInter Solstice! What do you think all of your Sabbats are about? Nature? lol! No it is about the merging of God and Goddess! Which is the cornerstone of Christianity.

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Unfortunately, there are tons of misguided and ignorant Christians. But we must show compassion and forgiveness and keep teaching them by example. There are after all plenty of misguided Witches, Pagans and Wiccans too! And as far as Witchcraft being against the Bible that is hogwash. Jesus practiced divine alchemy! He turned water into wine, commanded plant energy to obey his desires, created and manifested money from a fish, healed the sick, cast out demonic energies, manifested food with the power of Faith and directed alchemical energy! In fact, they killed Him because they thought He was a Witch too! And the cross may represent death to some people but to others it represents resurrection and triumph over death. Although originally the christian symbol was a fish (FOR Goddess Oshun/Yemaya/Asherah who was said to be Jesus’ divine Mother) and also the symbol of the Ankh, which is the symbol of Goddess Holy Spirit, the Breath of God, predates the cross in Catholicism. 

Furthermore, there are tons of mistranslations in the bible, as well as Jesus Christ talking about John the baptist as the reincarnated  form of Prophet Elijah, mediumship as Jesus talks to the dead, necromancy as he brings back the dead, weather divination by the Jews (as Jesus points out), and declaring that Wisdom is not just a Goddess but our Mother! When Christ began declaring the Kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit Mother was when He got into big trouble. He also taught in the Lord’s Prayer how to  pray to God and Goddess in original Aramaic. Jesus’ last action was to give a Mother to humanity, as symbolism of giving Mary to Lazarus (John), as His mother. This represents giving those re-born in Christ a Mother in heaven. Yep, Jesus came to give the Goddess back to the Jews but they rejected Her! So that is why we have Her!  The Goddess is actually Hathor, whom all the Mary’s and Martha represent. They are the seven daughters/aspects/virtues/sisters of Hathor, or the seven seas of Yemaya, or the Seven Days. In Genesis the Seven Days are the Seven Spirits/Daughters of the Holy Spirit. There is much magick and secret esoteric Wisdom in the Bible if you look with spiritual eyes and do some research.  I could just go on and on….

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And one last thing….the Burning Times was ATROCIOUS! As well as the persecution and murder of Sybil Prophetesses and the temples of Hathor and our manifold Goddess! But you have to remember pagans, and Witches also killed, murdered and wiped out nations in the name of their Gods too! Nimrod, Attilla the Hun, Ashoka…etc….they all worshiped Gods and Goddesses that many Witches worship today. So let us not get it twisted. Everyone has done some nasty business and have disgraced their spiritual path at one time in history. What I wish people would realize is that Christianity is actually a pagan religion too! They just forgot where they came from! So I hope that answers your questions as to how a Christian can be a Witch. I merely do as I was commanded by God in  Genesis, ” To take dominion of all the earth, multiply and replenish it!”

And yep I loooooove me some Charmed! heheheheheeee!!!

Giggles and Cackles!

Luv, Ostara

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  1. Kasey Hill says:

    So, is there a way I can share this to the Trinitarian Wicca group on facebook? You have a really good perception of the tradition is truly about and I commend you on it =]

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    1. Kasey Hill says:

      And of course once I left a reply everything popped up for sharing lol =P

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      1. Oh Great! Lol!! Thanks again Kasey!


      2. Btw…Sorry about the typos. I fixed them. Lol! My computer was freezing up!


    2. Sure! Just hit Facebook Share and select group and then share. Brightest Blessings! If u have trouble let me know and I will do it for you!


    3. if you are part of Face book or Google , send it to your page then when it gets their , push the share and sent it on its way to your groups .. its that simple .. BB


  2. Kasey Hill says:

    Reblogged this on Writing one page at a time and commented:
    SHE”S pretty good at explaining the tradition =] give her blog a read

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  3. BansheeRose says:

    This was very informative and i think it clears up a lot of misconceptions i have a friend who is on this path and struggling with what others believe i will have to share this with her so thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are absolutely welcome! Yes I know for some it seems a contradiction. But with a little bit of Witch Wit and some elbow grease we find out so much more! Blessings!!

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  4. franz says:

    people just don’t understand that a christian who receives God’s breath of fire and water that brings life . It gives us access to make miracles and that includes propecy God gave me many blessings and esoteric understanding without studying evrything .That does not make us witches but all powers that belongs to the universe belongs to God being his children we have access of that great power and wisdom if we learn to take heed to God’s will and purpose….sadly, at times I drifted away but I found out that love from human is futile but God’s unfathomable love is infinite and unconditional.

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    1. Hi Franz,
      Thanks for taking the time to write in! I totally agree with you. At this time of my life I really feel beyond labels. Am I a Christian Witch? A Shaman? Or a Mystic? In days long ago many saints, like St. Francis, were Mystics who could levitate, prophecy, heal and do many miracles. I have always had a deep connection and reverence for God. What made me embrace Wicca and the Craft was the Goddess that is worshipped therein and the freedom to love God the way I desired. In the church if we say that the Holy Spirit is the Goddess we become ostracized. I feel it is important to the Christian world to know the absolute truth that Jesus Christ taught. Without it, well then we can’t really be followers of Christ. And Christ taught both about Mother and Father God. She who is Wisdom, the Beginning, the Shekinah, Bat Kol, the Breath, the Right Arm, the Kingdom, the Holy Spirit, the Key of Life, the Woman in the Heavens clothed in the Sun, the Ark of the Covenant Herself! Yes She is God too! And without that revelation Christianity is dead. So as for me a Christian Witch I’ll be…(giggle) 😍💪👒🙏

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      1. franz says:

        Lol yes, we are free to be what we want to be this is a free world God gave usfree will. Wht matters most is that you believe in christianity and you are a christian yourself . We are just people who wants to know and to learn everything well… you have achieve great knowledge of this world and beyond we have unique gifts and am glad that I come to read and follow your post.

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      2. Thank you Franz! And I am glad that you do too! Yes, we are indeed Sisters. Blessings!

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      3. franz says:

        Blessings and love from the Gods and Goddesses…. much love to you dear sister

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      4. Blessings to you as well!

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  5. Thanks Goodwitch for your wonderful Blog. It’s amazing what you write. I open my heart for all your thoughts. But i am a JW. And i hope to find other JW with the same feelings. Yes we can Christian an witches.

    Blessings for you

    Albert from Germany

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    1. Blessings to you Albert from Germany! YOU are the one that is AMAZING! 😊


  6. Reblogged this on Ostara, The Good and commented:

    I miss you all very much! More new blogs will be coming soon! Meanwhile feel free to explore in my seek and find. I have over 200 posts in tons of different topics!

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