Choose Love: A Christian Witch’s Mercury Retrograde

Hi my lovelies!

Mercury retrograde, from  has already started off with a BIG BANG! Anyone having issues with their electronics? Text message misunderstandings? Plane delays? Computer viruses? Car troubles?

Well, then welcome to the wonderful world of the retrograde. Yet, there is so much more than the old adage to not travel, use electronics, or sign contracts! This does not have to be a time you bury your head in the sand!

This is a dynamic time of psychic energy and most of all love and illumination! During this retrograde, fantastic feminine lunar energies and Venusian goddess influence is prominent! Also it is a time for things or people to return in your life. The return is usually healing and during this time a twin flame may reappear after running, a divorced couple may learn forgiveness, a child may return home or even a lost pet may be found.

Make the Retrograde Your Bitch!

I had an epiphany the other day!  Since, the energy of Venus is more available, we can tap into Her goddess energy more easily! So, there is no limit to what we can accomplish, spiritually! Yes, my dears….Magick is Afoot!  I was walking through the parking lot to my car when I came across a bumper sticker. It read Choose Love.  Immediately my spirit leapt within me and I realized that this is exactly the message of this retrograde.  With the Bullish Taurus governing our moon, we need to harness the subtle energies of the Goddess of Love. If we focus this love, turning it inward towards ourselves, and not continuously trying to project it onto claiming, say a love relationship, job or other project, then we may be able to magnetically attract the things we need. So the Mercury retrograde does not have to be a time of fear or disruption! Only if you fight the energy at work.

What is the Mercury Retrograde?

Think any words that begin with RE: Rekindle, rebirth, relax, reform, release, return, react, retreat. All of these words are mirrors of the energy that the retrograde brings and you should use to manage through it.

For a little background information, planet mercury is influenced by the god named Mercury in Roman mythology who was adapted from the Greek god Hermes, who was first adapted from the Egyptian god Thoth.  Of course, Thoth and Christ may literally be the same being, and the planet Mercury represents the energy of this aspect of Father God.

How the Retrograde affects you

As I delved deeper into understanding the divine alchemy behind Mercury; I was stunned speechless with how much I did not know before, and the truest impact that Mercury has upon mankind in retrograde or reverse! In the beginning of May you have three planets visible in the night sky.

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, which is the planetary equivalent to the Holy Trinity of God! Father Jupiter, Mother Venus and Son Mercury! Three of the five visible planets are in good view in the evening sky throughout May 2015 are Venus, who will shine brightest in the evening, Jupiter who shines first thing at dusk, and Saturn who rises into the sky by nightfall.

Hermes,  God of Heaven and Man?

The Hermes aspect of Mercury is a teacher to humanity of knowledge, value of justice and how to improve inter-personal relationships. He is the mighty messenger of the gods of the upper and lower worlds.

Wikipedia says “Hermes is a god of transitions and boundaries. He is quick and cunning, and moves freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods,[1] intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife.”

azrael creation warrior net
Cernunnos, A Wiccan Mercury?

It is my belief that Hermes/Thoth is also an early version of Cernnunos. As you can see the Father God aspect is as tied together as the Mother God aspects. I personally have met Cernnunos and he is very much all of these things and more. I sat on his lap and embraced the horns of wisdom he possesses. As a Shamanic Witch we are the Goddess on earth and he is our loyal consort.  This is not a relationship with anything evil, but a bowing down of the Earth energies to the glory of the Divinity of human dominion.

It is also symbolic of conquering your lower animistic urges and transmuting them to spiritual power. Aside from the religious hyperbole and overbearing dogma that has plagued the offshoot of the Jewish faith, this transmutation of animal urges is the crux of living a Christian lifestyle.

Thoth an Egyptian Christ?

As the Thoth aspect of Mercury, he is described in Egyptian text, as the very Word of God who speaks Life into creation! It is He who is the Word that issues forth from the Womb of Goddess and becomes the Light! Very similar to the beliefs held in the Bible of Jesus Christ.

Interesting enough, during the  mercury retrograde the energy is more conducive to spiritual understanding, esoteric wisdom and enhances the power of intuition! This is very much the domain of the Holy Spirit. She is the giver of all prophecy as well as the re-birther of the human soul in the afterlife!

Venus, the Goddess of the Retrograde


Each of the planets and their positions impact our moods, emotions and thought energy. Venus is the planet of Love and represents the Mother Goddess Holy Spirit to Christian Witches, as Jupiter represents Father God and Mercury the Christ.

To the human eye Mercury is going retrograde because it moves away from the sun. But if you really pay attention this allows Jupiter and Venus to shine more enthusiastically and also allows Mercury to glow it’s heavenly light in the dark of night! Very symbolic of the message of Christ isn’t it?

Okay so let’s break this down without all that sci-fi and Bible jargon. Right now, the energy of commerce, conversations, traveling and well…basically progress is taking a little dip introspectively for awhile. This is a necessary process in transformation, especially since the moon just left Scorpio (my rising sign) and the sign of Death and Sex and is in Taurus the planet of luxury and finance. So this period of the New Moon and the retrograde basically says,”Hey! You got what it takes! But slow down and let’s think intuitively about this. We may need a little more preparation.” And that can be in any new project or relationship. Also any new romantic partner you have will be quite stubborn and slow to act.

Remember choose Love over War, Attraction over Action and Finesse over Finance! Also this is a great time for you to spa, nourish yourself spiritually with esoteric knowledge (such as reading my other posts,hahaha), music, writing and everything related to the Goddess Venus.

Romantically it’s a great time to rekindle a past romance, heal broken relationships, and heal past life issues or karma. But again, in communication make sure everyone is on the same page!  If you put these things into practice, especially concerning your Mercury planetary house, then Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, will shine down on you and shower you with abundance!

If you would like to know more about your particular astral house that mercury transits type the address below:

Be sure to stay tuned!  My next blog post will be about the Hidden Goddess of the Mercury Retrograde!

I love you all!- Miss Goodwitch

Galactic Kisses!

Love, Ostara


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