How To Be A Powerful Witch for Jesus!

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“I don’t mind waiting…I don’t mind waiting….on the Lord!” This song is playing in the background, and I write this post with tears streaming down my face.  Being a Christian Witch is no easy task.  Living a life that most people say is a contradiction, that some say is an abomination, that others say is just confusion.  Yet I know that a Light shines within me, and I stand for Christ and do the will of God and Goddess who created me.  I was born in this life to be just who I am.  I am a Witch for Jesus, and it is the mantle given to me and my calling.

The power I possess is mighty! I can call a thousand angels to do my bidding! I can prophesy to one person or prophesy to a nation! I can stand face to face with demonic forces, that curse me, attack my mind with anxiety, depression, fear, violence, lust and no matter what they throw at me God always, always shows up and gives me the victory! Mother Holy Spirit will blow her awesome, gentle Breath upon my heart and my circumstances and births a new life within. I have been beaten, raped, in poverty, homeless, abandoned and cheated. But when I hit that floor and lay on my face NO TORNADO, NO VOLCANO, NO CIRCUMSTANCE OR PERSON CAN THWART MY DESTINY!  One word from me and God will stop even the rain from falling! They love me so!

The bible says God makes your enemies your foot stool, but I say God makes them my step stool for upon the mountain they place before me as a hindrance; I use it to rise up!   I merely pray for God to forgive them and show them mercy.  Why does God love me so? I don’t know.  I get up everyday, make tons of mistakes, let lust and greed govern my mind, and yet still my heart and soul will drive me back to the Lord. God is in the very fabric of my being. I was born praising God! As a Witch, when people have come to me for a spell…You know what I do? I pray! Sometimes I will give them little things to do, so that is stirs their faith, but honestly, it’s all about what you believe.

Do you want to be a powerful Witch?  You don’t need herbs and incantations. All you need is faith and a realization that God resides within your heart!  This is known as High Magick, in pagan circles! You have the power to command even the sun to stand still in the sky! I have prophesied into my life a five bedroom house for me and my children, when we were homeless. I got on my face and decreed it! Now you can call it the Law of Attraction, but honey that is just a fancy word for Faith! If there is anything that I have ever needed, money, a job, a man to love me; God shows up and blesses me abundantly.  In fact, most recently I belly ached that there was no one that seemed interested in me. That no man saw me and God not only brought one man to see me, and love on me he brought seven!  I was bombarded by male attention!

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However, I learned that what I truly craved was no attention but a genuine love and affection from God’s man for me! And I quickly got rid of all of these men except for one. This one man is special to me. I don’t know how he feels about me but I do love him with all my heart and have for years. Now God has brought him again into my life.  I got so caught up in my desires and fantasies about this person I actually started pushing him away! Boy has this all been a learning experience for me. So here I am again. Back to basics. My face on the floor, crying out to God, not for this man, but to regain my mind and heart again.  God reminded me that my purpose is far greater than a man’s love, and I realized in that moment, that even though I desired to be the wife of this man, more than anything else I’ve ever wanted in my life, that I would gladly give him up if God needed me to. I learned that no man, no great wish or desire, can compete with God’s love in me and over my life.

Well my lovelies….I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!

Shekinah Blessings to all my Witches!  I love you!



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  1. I feel your pain…its in the blood and our temptation is listening to other spirits that promise earthly pleasure, rituals of ecstasy, so forth. Common people do not and will not understand the uniqueness of our position, as high priests and priestesses of the most high God. The fundamentalist have a basic understanding and close their mind to further knowledge..soul projection is looked upon as dis-favorable yet the scriptures speak of seeking out your own salvation with fear and trembling. I assume you have been to the first gate and turned around to be in the eye of the Father through his Son, it may be different for all who have such gifts of worship granted to the soul for a higher purpose in he Kingdom. Hold your chin up, and most of all be humble and grateful for this gift/curse..many of us were put the torch for knowledge that now is applauded through the scientific world as well as the medicinal world..I often feel as if the fundamentalist had their way we would be burning again..even those who choose good over evil. Hang in there and be mindful of your bindings 🙂

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    1. Your words are prolific and edifying to my soul. Thank you beloved for sharing. I feel no pain, only joy and peace in the gifts and strength of being a Witch. I’m a Christian and have been from birth. I also was born a Witch from generations of conscious and unconscious Witches. When I realized the Holy Spirit is Mother God, She awakened my higher spirit and activated the Merkaba sphere of my soul dimension. I am now free to roam I’m all realms of creation. Some call me a Shamanic Witch, some a Christian Mystic and some Devil’s Spawn. Lol! I do not care what names are given me…because EYEH ASHER EYEH! I AM… I love you so much. It’s nice to hear from like souls in this reality. Blessed Be! Ase’!


  2. Martin says:

    I dare you to ask The Lord Jesus Christ to reveal whether what you believe is true or not.

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  3. streetjesu says:

    As a witch do you believe in the holy spirit, do you access heavenlies , do you pay tithe and do you preach repentance and still prepare your soul to make heaveb. Please make me understand.

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    1. Yes I do actually and I have several blog posts about her.


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