The Secret Magickal Power of a Christian Witch!


Alot of people wonder what exactly does a Christian Witch do? Well I am sure all of us have our own way, as all people are different, this is my way of following my faith. so in no way do I feel I define a Christian Witch, but rather, this is simply me.

As a Christian Witch most of my spells are actually prayers and affirmations. I use the power of  visualization, magickal scripture quotes, and faith!  I stand before God and Goddess, in their Holy Room, and I worship them and thank them for making the impossible possible.  I decree my desires, and I call upon the Angels, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and my ancestors to empower my will! If I want, I can mix around some herbs, light some sage or a candle, but that is just to make me feel more empowered, it is not the secret to manifesting anything. The real magick is inside your heart!  I may even do a complete textbook ritual spell.

But for me the most powerful agent of change is just one night with Jesus and Shekinah, on my face, in prayer and fasting.  It changes everything! However, I do believe in utilizing my connection with my crystals and herbs for healing, meditation and astral travel. I am also a Shamanic witch so I travel spiritually to many different planes of existence. I have sat in the Garden with Jesus, danced before the Throne Room of God and Goddess, traveled to other planets, learned shape shifting from the Wizard Merlin, and met all kinds of Orishas, gods and goddesses from all my different incarnations upon the Earth. I also carry many power animal guides with me, most especially a female lion.

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I believe everything is made up of energy, so it does not matter if I use tarot cards to discern a probable outcome in my life. God gives free will, so even what may fall on the table can change. However, when God shows me a vision and gives me a definite word, that NEVER changes. At times, I can get caught up in what my tarot cards say or what other readers will say to me over my life. But the truth is if you really desire to manifest a miracle in your life than be a miracle for someone else! There is no better a feeling when I do a tarot reading for someone. When I do my reading, I don’t just read the cards I connect to God and Goddess and I zone in on the person’s energy. Once I was hired to do tarot readings for at least a hundred people within three hours. It was so draining to me that I ended up sick in the bed for a few days. I remember that I could literally feel my soul zoom into their soul quickly, give them understanding and zoom out. I had to do this repetitively every four minutes for three hours! That was my very first truly professional reading! You talk about a trial by fire!

I know how the prophets feel now, when they go one by one down the line to prophesy to many people. They should get paid for it! It requires a lot of energy and spiritual power to truly do justice to the gift they possess and the message God has for them to offer. It’s funny sometimes to me that I am a spirit filled, tongues talking, Witch! But when I speak in tongues over people strongholds break over their minds, disease is healed, and God fastens onto their hearts. I found that I was not allowed to express my anointing in my church. And I felt suffocated by the male supremacy. But in Wicca and the Craft I finally have release! It amazes me still, how as soon as I came out as a Witch, overnight I received 5,000 friends on facebook! At one time it was nearly 10,000 as at first I had two facebooks.  I knew it was not because I am so cute, though I am! lol! But the Spirit of God had brought them to me. The light within me draws them, drew you to my blog, and has you here right now reading this post! That is what you call a divine assignment. Your angels and guides led you here to receive this very word. It is peril to you fulfilling your destiny!

Now I do honor all spiritual paths, because I am of very blended paths myself. I do believe that God and Goddess are omnipotent and so all of the gods and goddesses are but a mere reflection of the One true Being! I also love and accept people for whatever they choose to be and live as gender wise or in their sexual orientation. I have many people that I love that are Lesbians, Gay, Transgender or Bi-sexual. And I believe God made them that way.  Does that mean that they are heathens and sinners? NOPE!  In fact, I have a family member that I love who is gay and a minister, celibate and waiting on God for his life mate!

Even alone, you are not empty!
Even alone, you are not empty!

Being a powerful Witch for Jesus, to me means patterning my life after His message and choosing to express dominion and power over the earth, just as Jesus Christ did, and as God decreed we should do. As a Christian Witch it is also about taking dominion over my animistic desires and carnality and leading with the power of my intuition, faith and God given discernment. The part of Wicca that touts free sex…well in that way we part. Claiming dominion over the earth is not just my desire, this is my right! This is the right of us all! And this is the true gift of magick! Whatever your faith or spiritual path, let me encourage you to connect to Jesus. You know it really does not matter if you believe in Christianity, or that his name was Jesus, or even buy into what society says he looks like. None of that truly matters. What does matter is He is a powerful healer, magician, prophet, God, path clearer, lack burner, a door to abundance, the energy of male creation, a worshiper of the Goddess, one of the faces of Father God, and the embodiment of sacrificial love. Why is it preposterous that a Wiccan or Pagan loves Jesus?

This is the conclusion of this series.

Megatron Blessings and Archangel KISSES!

I love you, Ostara

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  1. Joanna DeVoe says:

    Absolutely Magickal! -xo

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    1. Thank you Jo! You’re the best! 😘😘


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