In Memory of Miss Goodwitch!

Hello Everyone!

Feel Magic

My spirit has been doing some massive overhauling as of lately! The last three years has been momentous for me! When I started on my path as a Witch it caused an avalanche of spiritual positivity into my life. I am so grateful to Wicca and my own eclectic walk as a Christian Witch!

However, as I have grown, so has my mind and soul expanded.  Spring not only brought a special joy to my life and a spark of creation to my heart, but an inner awareness of my own spiritual  growth.  I have spent many days locked in my esoteric prayer closet, located in the fifth dimension,lol!

When I emerged it was with a very drastic decision.  I pray that all of my Witchy and Pagan friends understand and support me. But even if you don’t, Spirit has led me thus far, and I have learned to let go and simply trust.

I have come to the realization that I am not a label.  I can’t continue to define myself as something, and still be true to my soul purpose.  It is my heartfelt belief that we are one, and that God and Goddess are one in a unity that unites all spiritual faiths. So with that said I am no longer ascribing to the title Witch.

This choice is not without fear, and is an uneasy task. But it is time for me to completely step from behind every mask, every guise, every gimmick, every religion, everything that hides my  individuality and simply….be me!

Does that mean that I am going to change my blog? Change what I write about? Change who I am? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I am still the magickal, whimsical, good girl/bad girl, that you have come to love.  I just choose to not put labels on that anymore. I hope you can respect my decision and show me love.

Because this is a very brave and daring thing for me to do I have decided to re-name my blog a name that I feel encapsulates my daring to blaze a new path! So like so many of my Scottish ancestors before me I hereby knight myself, Ostara,The Good!

Many blessing to you this Memorial Day! God and Goddess please bless the families that have lost loved one to feats of glory and bravery fighting for our freedom!

Firecracker Kisses,




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  1. luiza leacock says:

    BLESSED BE , it very brave in all lables i know of , to do what you just did,
    this is from the heart of a crone…. that walk many path on this earth,……. may you be truthfully to yourself, we are all Godess creatures…. lables are used only here, as you may had noticed, spiritit do not have them….. pround of beeing your friend youngperson

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    1. Thank you Luiza! I sincerely appreciate your support!


  2. bob says:

    may our goddess continue to guide and be with youon your journies where ever they lead my sister im with ya in spirit where ever my path takes me mm mp

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bob! And I assure you I’ll still be the same no matter what’s my name! 😘


  3. NOT Bad , I would say go for it … change is good .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Alma! I’ll never reject the fact I’m a Christian Witch if asked but I am not wishing to limit myself. Love you!


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