A Poem: The Sweet Seduction of Unrequited Love

Have you ever been in love with someone, who appears to have an attraction for you, maybe even flirts with you a little bit, but for what ever reason refuses to take that “one more step” towards making you theirs? Have you ever felt a strong connection with someone but both of you are too shy to pursue it? Have you ever longed for a man or woman with a thousand suitors wanting them and wonder why is it they keep texting you everyday?

I wrote this poem in 1997 but it’s so funny how my life keeps repeating these patterns. I guess I only love what I can not obtain. LOL! (All Rights Reserved)

Hesitation ©

thick beauty seduction

by Ostara

Do I intimidate you ?

With the sway of my wide and rounded hips,  Moving and rollin’ like an ocean of promise.

Do I curse you?

With eyes that dance full of fire and rainstorm,  Wrenching the secret pain from your heart?

Do I push you away?

With my dreams of you that reach  as far as Atlantis is deep. Slowly devising a smile that always belies my unfathomable passion hidden below my surface.

Do I overwhelm you?

With a whisper of hair spilling secrets of a dangerous and inventive flirtation; an angel full of wicked intentions, am I?

Why do you fear me?  

Even with my head bowed, And eyes averted…

Is it the small of my back that makes your courage weak?

How shall I please you ? Shall I wait in dark shadows with baited breath?

Or will my hesitation be my undoing ?

My angel smiles…..as the spider spins her lovely web.

seduction man


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  1. That is FABULOUS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww… Thank you Zoe! 😘


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