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Mercury Retrograde

This mercury retrograde has got me feelin’ some type of way! First, I blew an important meeting by showing up late ( I got lost around the damn corner), then my lap top blacked out to never, never land with puff the magick dragon! To cap this off my lovely I-phone ran out of data! So there I was stuck in the desert of facebook wasteland, waiting perpetually, to post a hundred adorable status updates that ofcourse, I couldn’t stop generating in my non-too-swift brain. lol!

Finally, I forced myself to pick up a book. Gasp! And thus began a week long descent into madness as I found a subject, obsessed over it, and without food for hours, poured over my books, writing note after note in my Spider-Man journal like a mad scientist.

So, consider this a little peak into my world! And I mean, my…

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  1. agree , it can be maddening , first got a notice for our dental, that we were behind in payments , WHAT! we have had a allotment going to this account for years , then we had another notice on our jeep that once again another defect , then a notice from the bank that we are over drawn , WHY! we keep no money in their since they charge all these fees and hidden entries ..then I got a message from a member of my page who got POed because she had not a clue as to why and what I was replying to , and she calls her self enlightened LOL.. so she deleted me , I had been reading these things since she was in diapers . so yes Mercury is making things nuts … slow and easy does it …..

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    1. Absolutely my friend! I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time with it. Find the center of your power. I believe that is what Mercury retrograde does for us. Refocuses our spirit so next month when the abundance showers down we will be grateful! Hold on… It’s coming!


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