Miss Goodwitch is BAACK! 


Well I tried to simply be good. But the inner Witch in me won’t surrender! Three years ago heartache drove me to discovering Witchcraft. And it is heartache again which pulls me back. 

I tried to be a good little girl and focus on the lighter side. After all, I’m a  Christian Witch so Angels and fairies are as far as I go. Right? WRONG! No longer am I going to hide my power  underneath a white lace petticoat. 

The dark witch in me wants to play! I’m a Witch! I’m a Witch! I’m a Witch! Label or not it’s who I am! And since I am not ever going to be with the great love of my life, then I am going to become the GREATEST AND MOST POWERFUL WITCH IN THE WORLD! 

I am going into daily training! No more playing at it. And yes… You thought I was powerful but I barely studied. I just worked intuitively mostly. But now I’m going to study and practice my gifts daily! 

As many of you know, I study in the astral realm with gods, goddesses and ascended masters. So I will be writing out my experiences in this blog. I am also going to practice more Magick, which is grey Magick that I practice. 

This retrograde had pulled me backwards a bit. But only to create a boomerang affect that has me ricocheting with ferocity back to the Craft! Now with that said I still believe in the Magick in the Bible and Jesus is still my Lord. But if I’m to be like Him then it’s time to step up! 

Hell hath no fury LIKE A WITCH SCORNED! Hahahahaha!!!! 

Bat bites and Scorpion Kisses!

Love, Ostara Miss Goodwitch  



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  1. davidgnez says:

    Hi Ostara, I’m sure your well aware of this, but there’s a long tradition of Christian magic. Just look at Hoodoo that works with the saints, as well as European magical grimoires which were written by Christian monks. Christianity & magic have been bedfellows for ages, despite the consternation and condemnation of the bishops and popes –some of whom performed magic in the closet. And Jesus WAS a magician!

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    1. Yep! I absolutely agree! That’s exactly what I teach on here. You oughta check out my posts on Christian Witchcraft. 🙏


  2. Indeed LOL, we cannot hid who we are , regardless of the archetype we choose rattles and shakes the box of many …..

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