Angel Dream Tarot Career Spread

I have created a new Tarot Spread for career questions. Of course other oracles may have created the same one but this was done purely upon my intuition. 

I am using the Angel Dream Oracle Cards by Doreen & Melissa Virtue. I cleansed my cards with the pure Violet Flame (envisioning a violet light) and prayer to Father, Mother and Son God which activates my crown, third eye and heart chakras in that order. 

My spread layout is in 6 parts. There are a total of 13 cards displayed and the bottom card flipped over as the spiritual basis of the entire reading. 

The center card is placed first and it is who I am as Spirit sees me. 

The top three cards answer: What is Spirit’s Guidance for my spiritual destiny?

The bottom three cards answer: What is Spirit’s guidance for my earthly career? 

The three cards to the left answer: What are the lessons I’ve already learned?

The three cards to the right answer: What is my future outcome to my career and destiny if I follow Spirit’s guidance? 

And lastly I lay the deck down bottom side up which answers: What is the soul purpose of my destiny or career choice? 

Here is how that looks!  


I hope you have fun with doing your own! If you would like a reading send requests to my email 

Brightest Moonbeam Blessings! 

Love, Ostara  


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