The Moon and Hermit Birth Tarot Cards

Hi friends! 

I was watching one of my mentors videos, Valerie Love, and she said there are three things a person must know to fully realize their destiny. First, your Sun astrological sign, then your Tarot birth cards and lastly your Galactic Signature. I’m only going to discuss my birth tarot cards. 

 However, I have always said your whole birth chart, but at least your Sun and Ascendant sign, should be studied. Mine is Libra, ascendant Scorpio with a Mid-Heaven of Leo. Knowing this will help you understand your chosen personality and upcoming struggles and lessons in life. 

Next she said you should know your Tarot Birth Cards. You can google all of this stuff on the Internet. There are tons of calculators for it for free! My cards are the Moon and Hermit. At first I was like…ewww!!!! But when I read about them as pertaining to my personality I was astonished, humbled and had an AHA! moment! 


The Moon is the great Goddess Mother, divine feminine, intuition, dreams and the unconscious. So as the Moon Goddess herself;  I illuminate the psyche to the vast, and sacred knowledge of the divine feminine. I am a light, that reflects the energy of the Sun, ever changing and powerful. I am the vortex time is based on and show the way to those in dark times. My crown is of stars, my kingdom is the Universe and my cloak is the Sun.  I am the Triple Goddess in form. 

Mantra: I illuminate. I inspire. I evolve. 

And I am the Hermit. I am the aged Wizard, spiritual master and divine teacher. I am the recluse, ever surrounded by books of spiritual revelation, Magick and divine alchemy. I am the author of the Emerald Tablets, the wizard of Camelot and the prophet Elijah or Oracle Prophetess of Delphi! Funny I’ve always thought of myself as an Angel Prophetess, anyway! 

Mantra: I seek. I reveal. I guide. 

The marriage between the two is the equivalent of God and Goddess joined together in consummate union. Now the key is to develop each side completely for master integration. The Moon Mother is the revelation and source of power while the Hermit Wizard is the application and manifestor of Her wisdom and strength. In fact they appear to be the parents of the Tarot. The hidden divine Gods within. 

So how do I integrate them? Well the Moon governs writing and psychic gifts so I’m doing that right. The Hermit governs Magick and teaching and I’m doing that. But I know there is more. Maybe I need to dig deeper? Well I’m off to investigating. But trust me the Hermit in me will be sure to share the good news along the way! 

Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss a post! I will be discussing my birth star Arcturus and how your birth star impacts your destiny! If you’d like to schedule an angel tarot/psychic medium reading please email me at ! 

Blessed Be & Moonlight Dreams and Stardust Kisses!

Love, Ostara



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