The Holy Spirit Goddess of Fire


I have had several people ask me about the Holy Spirit Goddess and how the Goddess role plays a part in Christian Witchery.  So I had to condense my blog post into two posts. This is the second, the first is State of Emergency: Return of the Goddess.

Now some Christian Witches believe the ancient Mother Goddess Lilith is the true Goddess. others name her Sophia and some call her Asherah.  I prefer to name her Holy Spirit, as I feel she has many names and faces and stories even as far as Scotland and China, so a universal name suits me best! This blog post is specifically about the fire aspect of the Holy Spirit also named, Ruach haKodesh and Shekinah from the teachings of the Bible. She began in the book of Genesis. In fact her name is Beginning and is the first word of the Talmud and Holy Bible, as a spirit element crouching as if  to give birth, over the great waters of Heaven, not on earth as people believe. But I am going to focus on what she later showed of herself to the Ancient Hebrews.  In the Desert of Paran, Mother Goddess Shekinah, harnesses the seven-fold fire element of transformation,and illumination, which in revelations is represented as all seeing eyes.  Just as woman transforms a seed within her womb, and births a nation, carefully illuminating their life with her Wisdom, and transforms food with the heat of her cooking; Goddess, like Woman, is the Divine Alchemist of the Universe.

Holy Tongues of Fire at Pentecost


The Goddess Holy Spirit is the breath of life and illuminating fire of God.  As seen in acts 2:3 when the early Apostles prayed to baptize the congregation with the Holy Spirit, this fire is what visibly appeared to all of them! So every Christian equates holy fire with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is God for She has a personality, characteristics, thought, power, authority and is omniscient.  So how can God be God and the Holy Spirit be God too? And how can Jesus Christ be their son and all of us their daughter?

Exactly, like her Heavenly Mother did in Heaven first, Mary self-conceived Jesus Christ without a man! This had to be, as mankind is a reflection of Heaven. So therefore, Mother God self-conceived Christ in Heaven, by the power of Her own MIGHT! In Christianity, we are taught that the Holy Spirit is God but also spiritually impregnates ones soul with the Spirit and Power of God!  For example, Mary became impregnated by the Holy Spirit in her SOUL, not WOMB! But it was not God the Father who impregnates the soul, but the Holy Spirit Goddess. She lends her essence to her chosen vessels.  That is why so many of us who worship the Goddess begin to feel as if we are her incarnation of some sort! The truth is……WE ARE!     The Holy Spirit has Her own authority and power, so therefore she took it upon Herself to conceive and birth Jesus!  That is why we have so many ancient myths about women conceiving man/gods without a man, as in Isis, Hathor, Yemaya etc….

What does Jesus say about the Holy Spirit?


Jesus taught the Holy Spirit is a divine intercessor, counselor, comforter, defender of the downtrodden, womb of re-birth to the soul personification of divine Wisdom and the Kingdom of God, thus is the seven-fold aspect of her Holy Fire.  King Solomon taught us, as was passed down from his father King David and all the ancestors of Jesus Christ in the tribe of Judah, that the Holy Spirit is a Goddess and She is Wisdom (Chokmah) and Understanding (Binah) and a Mother giving her son instruction. In short, King Solomon introduced the pages of the Bible to the Holy Spirit in the form of a triple Goddess. The Mother aspect became allegorical as the Zion or Israel, daughter of the Queen of Heaven,as was prophesied in the book of Judges by King Prophetess Deborah. The early Israelis worshiped  Mother Goddess under the name Asherah Queen of Heaven, Hathor (out in the wilderness with Moses) and Shekinah.

The Holy Spirit Goddess of Fire is not the all consuming fire of Father God, but more of the illumination and transforming aspect of the flame. So as Father God is the fire that came down and consumed the meat sacrifice when Shekinah filled the Temple with her Glory, it was the Goddess Herself, who was the great illumination and revealer of secrets. She was whom received the meat he consumed and transforms it into energy, just as she receives our “meat” when we pass away in the Earth, and in our Spirit. Do you not wonder why you are buried? It is to return Her child back to her Womb on the earthly plane as your soul soars into Her bosom in Heaven. Something so basic has been lost in knowledge to the masses, yet we do it without thinking on it.  For those that choose cremation, or are lost at sea and so forth it is fine too for she is the Goddess of ALL. She is the Rainbow, the Throne, the fire enfolding itself borne by cherubic creatures whose appearance pulsated with undulating light. She is the soil, the river, the ocean, the trees and she is you and I. She is the very essence of God.  As Goddess Isis she is the Throne, she is the very Kingdom of God, yet the Kingdom indwells in the soul not in the outer being.

Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel
Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel

In Revelation 21:22, the phrase “glory of God” in The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures is rendered “God’s SH’KHINAH” in the Jewish New Testament — notice!

“I saw no temple in the city, for ADONAI [YEHOVAH], God of heaven’s armies, is its Temple, as is the Lamb [Christ]. The city has no need for the sun or the moon to shine on it, because GOD’S SH’KHINAH gives it light, and its lamp is the Lamb.”

The Lamb, of course, represents Christ as Father god and the Sh’Khinah as Mother Goddess Holy Spirit. The Mother Goddess has a seven-fold fire aspect that runs parallel to many other ancient Goddesses recorded in history. The reason womankind must take ownership of this is because if we do not balance the male aspect of divinity, which is an all consuming fire that burns up lack,then everything will be destroyed! I know this may sound a bit crazy…but check this out. Father God is a fire whose action is to destroy with fire that which is not…that which is empty or disconnected. It is actually kinda scientific. Just as David did before he became king, slicing off heads and foreskins and destroying wicked cities.  In a sense, that is what the Inquisition sought to do, albeit they were actually turning in on themselves and tearing up their only saving grace!  Mother God is Wisdom and it is she that guides, defends, protects, nurtures and births the Kingdom once the way has been paved clear by Father God. Just as King Solomon did by balancing his father’s war like empire with cool reason, soft compassion and spiritual discernment and revelation.

Okay…trying to speed this along….so, we have established (though I can go into greater detail):

  • The Holy Spirit is the Goddess aspect of God
  • The Holy Spirit is a triple Goddess, with a seven fold fire aspect
  • The Holy Spirit is the Universal Goddess
  • The Holy Spirit is also God and one with Father God

One last thing, the Holy Spirit Mother Goddess and Holy Father God are ONE BEING.  This may be hard to understand, but I am humbled to say that I have seen them. Until I found out the truth behind  the tetrarammaton YHVH; I had no idea if what I saw was truly real or not and was hesitant to speak on it. Yeah….sometimes I do wonder if I am crazy or not! But I guess that means I am normal!  LOL! I will finally share this with you in my next blog post.

Namaste! Blessed Be!

Love, Ostara



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