State of Emergency: Return of the Goddess


This may shock you, this may even offend you.  But God and Goddess is not just a pagan concept. It is a Judaic, and therefore; a Christian one as well!

God and Goddess In The Bible

In the ancient temple of Solomon, which I believe the Temple of Karnak was modeled after, at the entrance are two columns that God told the King to name Boaz and Jachin. These pillars are much debated about and I have come to this conclusion.  Boaz, meaning established by God refers to King Solomon, and is located from the entrance to the temple our left.  Jachin, meaning in strength and to strike, refers to King Davd, and is located on the right from the entrance.  There are lots of reason why they represent these two kings, mainly because it was David’s action of war and heroism which built Israel and Solomon’s building of the temple which established God’s Kingdom upon the earth.

But let us look deeper!  Most pagans of the world know that the left always represents the Goddess and the right the God aspect of the divine. If you really study the Bible you will perceive that King David, through all of His troubles had a very deep and affectionate relationship to our Lord God.  But it was his war like ACTION that promoted the kingdom of Israel.  Solomon was granted great Wisdom unlike any other human that had been on earth, so he was a chosen vessel of the Goddess. By their very selves, they represented the divine God and Goddess in expression, YHVH or as some believe HVHY, which actually means He/She as read backwards.

First of all, the tetragrammaton YHVH if read backwards actually breaks down to mean “He/She” in English translation.  YEP!  And there is Biblical scripture that allude that if pronounced in the opposite direction from which it is written allows us to make sense of the Talmud’s statement in Masechet Kiddushin: “Not the way I am written am I pronounced.”

Lilith, And The Name Of God

Though Lilith, the first wife of Adam, had her story conveniently edited out of the sacred texts the Bible was created from, the Judaic scholars still have record of Her existence. She is written to be the first to ever speak the ineffable name of God. When she refused to submit to her husband, and equal partner, Adam, she spoke the name YHVH and immediately was given flight, like an angel, to leave the garden. In short, she graduated from human being to Goddess with ONE NAME; God.

Because now she no longer was an equal to Adam but above him, Judaic priests labeled her a demon. In honesty, these stories were written as a cautionary tale as the patriarchal religions vied for domination over the millennial held faith of Goddess worship. Worshiping god in male form was a new thing. So the writers skewered the traditional beliefs and made Lilith, or Mother Goddess, a demon who would eat your children and give birth to evil descendants. The writers of the Bible were very careful to lay the destruction of mankind at its own mother’s feet. Lilith got it and then so did Eve. This was calculated of course and completely false. It was done to subordinate women and gain control of their empires. See women, not men ruled the world originally.

Spiritual Balance is Key

But now times have changed and people are awakened. The world has gone topsy-turvy as too much of a patriarchal driven leadership has caused the world system to fracture. The calculated oppression of women has only resulted in the infertility of growth and evolution. By enslaving the mother you have made all of the world a bastard child and an orphan!

There is a reason that the Goddess must strive forward now, and women all over the world must recognize their own divine power!  Life and death; the beginning and the end of the entire universe, most especially planet earth, depends on it!


Blessed Be! Love, Ostara

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  1. Dear Miss Goodwitch. The besteht explanation of the Bible Holy Spirit i read in this Blog. Wonderful, truely amazing und full of facts from the Holy Bible. Yes, yes what fantastic Story.The Bible is full of teachings with pagan origin. You’ve uncovered it. Breathtakingly beautiful, the undeniable fact, as you show that Sophia is a goddess as the Holy Spirit. Thanks again, Sophia bless you.

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    1. Goddess bless you as well! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kind words inspire me Albert!

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      1. Please, please move on this path. Even JW teach doctrines with pagan origin. For example, the YHWH has a celestial wife. And Jesus Christ a bride. And Bride maidens

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  2. In short time will loose the christendom all her power, while she are embraced and power is robbed from paganism! The tree = Christianity is barely visible. Hail Divine Mother Sophia. Hail Gaia

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  3. That’s certainly a take worth contemplating for those who have never studied how Christianity was slowly born of paganism. How can the Bible help but have echoes of the ancient ways when the ancient ways built the foundation? And I love that you mention Lillith. Too long have I heard her slandered when she was truly a hero, refusing to submit just because of her sex. Lillith should be a model for not just all women, but all people. Refusing to be made lesser makes you greater, and not just in gender.

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    1. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed writing that one. And yes Lillith is a powerful Goddess who helps us embrace compassion towards ourselves and others. Especially the female power. Blessed Be!


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