Magickal Witches of the Bible

I fixed the typos! Sorry this post was one of my very first posts; when I had my old, broken computer…lol! Refreshed….Pictures added too! Thank you so much for all the love! xoxo

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Photo credit: Brigid by Katherine Skaggs Photo credit: Brigid by Katherine Skaggs If you go on line there are a million and one definitions of a Witch. Most agree that she is a wise woman who is a healer and an herbal crafter. I am a Witch because I am magic. I create magickal intention in everything I do whether positive or negative. I can choose to use herbs and potions to create magick but I know that the real magick is what lies within me. No matter what religion or God or Goddess I believe in; I can still be a Witch. And for me a Witch is someone born with keen intuition and insight that is often prophetic. A Witch is also a natural born healer and many people turn to her for wise advice.

She can be a loner, a recluse or a people person. She can look dark and dramatic, or light…

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