Poem: Meditating with Oprah

I wrote this poem back in 1996…I was in the process of my divorce from my first husband.  Oprah, began at this time talking for the first time about journaling and asked her audience to do a 30 day journal challenge.  I took that challenge and found great healing in writing. I also rediscovered my love and talent for poetry. I wrote several poems, songs and short screenplays. I lost most of them over the years but the ones I have published on my blog I had saved.  Oprah was the first person to connect me to my inner Goddess and open my soul to really seeing my divine spark. This poem is in homage to my Lady O.


Meditating with Oprah

Written by Ostara, Miss Goodwitch

Slowly letting go of the fear of losing

slipping silently into the night

my back at the wind

feet planted firmly…widely apart

Elevated to the highest peace within myself

the presence of love a gift from God

Waking from slumber and reaching

suspiciously at first

childlike fingers to grab greedily at life’s tender morsel

Yet still fearing the illusion

yet still fearing the lie

trying to attain life’s new goal

Reclaiming my truth

While the soft murmur from my Spirit to Greater Spirit


…my soul



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