Twin Flame Love Spell

Suddenly I felt a strong surge of Goddess energy tonight! 


The Moon is in Scorpio my rising sign and on a very powerful day. So I decided to do a twin flame calling spell. I took a shower and bathed with my special love soap mixture. 

Then I cleansed my sacred space and brought out all of my supplies. I anointed myself with Isis oil as well as my cauldron, candle and mixing bowl. I prepared my herbs to burn over my charcoal and also took a portion for a sleep sachet. 

I inscribed my special rose colored candle and laid out my Goddess cards to ask who wanted to work with me. Goddesses Hathor, Gwenhyfar, Brigid and Lakshmi all came forward at once. 

I invoked my Goddesses and thanked them for being the representative of Mother Holy Spirit today. I called upon Father God, Lord Jesus and the Archangels to oversee and protect me during my ritual. 

I made my decree with authority snd vision calling faithfully into manifestation what I know is already mine spiritually. I released all fears, hexes, generational curses, negative energy, people, or blockages away from my path to receiving my Destiny of being united in this life with my Twin Flame. 

I called him and sent him love, healing, clarity and release from fear or blockages. I reminded the Universe that we were created as one soul before time began and that we are bound from this life to the next and next in spiritual and romantic love for one another and only for one another. With harm to none, in God’s perfect will so mote it be!  

Then I traveled astrally and met a council of three Goddesses. I met Brigid, Lakshmi and then Gwenhyfar. They bequeathed me gifts that would bring my twin flame to me. I received a key to unlock my heart and release all my fears and anxiety frim Brigid. Then from Lakshmi I received a white Lotus blossom to symbolize my great beauty and Wisdom. Lastly, I met Gwenhyfar who rose up from the lake with King Arthur’s sword in Her hand. She said it is the sword of truth and valor. And that I would use it as a defender of all humankind. 

These three things will place me on the path of being reunited with my twin flame! Then I did a divination with Doreen Virtue’s Indigo oracle cards. 

I received confirmation of their gifts in that reading as pictured above! I hope you utilize the energy today to call your Twin Flame, or soul mate or any of your wishes to be fulfilled. It is a powerful day! 

Blessed Be and Congratulations LGBT community on the ruling in all 50 states finally giving you the constitutional right of marriage and the pursuit of happiness! 

Love, Ostara



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