Venus and Jupiter: A Love Story

Tonight at approximately 9:00 pm, June 30th 2015, eastern time in the US, the planets Jupiter and Venus have went in conjunction. This is a very rare occurrence, and is said to be the actual Star Of Bethlehem, that beholders saw the fateful night Yeshuah the Christ was born. 

But I’m not going to talk to you about planetary alignments. Tonight is one of the most powerful nights of the Goddess! For Christians it is the luminary that shine as the Mother of God gave birth on Earth. For Pagans this beautiful sight represents the healing and creative power of the Goddess upon the Earth and over all the Universe! 

So how are we to honor this sacred night? Or how does a Christian Witch honor and midwife the RETURN OF THE GODDESS upon the Earth?  I will show you. 

My tools are the Doreen Virtue Daily Guidance Book, Prayers of Hope for the City, Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael oracle cards, a Goddess Fertility candle and a Viking Rune Success candle.  I’ve lit some Nag Champa incense to prepare the sacred energy before prayer. 

  Next I am going sing a few praise and worship songs and say my own private prayer of communion and worship to Father YHWH, Mother Shekinah and Lord Jesus. After that I open the Oracle Deck and draw the cards, asking Holy Spirit what she wants me to manifest tonight. The other night she already told me I would be shielding and manifesting. So now I will ask for specifics. 

First Question: What do I need to focus on?  Answer: Be Gentle With Yourself

Second Question: What does the world  need to know about you manifesting tonight?  Answer: Sense of Humor and Let Go of Fear Now 

Third Question: What Does The Future Hold for the Earth?  Answer: You’re on the Right Path 

Fourth Question: What do we need to know to stay on the right path?  Answer: God is In Charge and Focus Upon Divine  and Perfect Health and You and Your Loved Ones Are Safe. 

A card suddenly came flying out the deck as I was trying to think of a last question. It was: Ask Archangel Michael To Help You With This Situation. 

So I asked him specifically, because I had been inquiring of Goddess, and he said to ask-Fifth Question: What Does Mankind Need To Do To Keep The Earth Safe?  Answer: Admit The Truth And Act Accordingly and also Energy Healing Work 

I will expound on these in another blog post. Next I let Spirit guide me to the pages She wanted me to focus on in the Prayers of Biblical Hope book. She made me do it without my glasses off so I wouldn’t cheat. 

I opened the book to these two pages. I promise I did not choose these pages purposefully, in fact I chose them blindly. The pages are Pray for our Leaders and Declare the Gospel to All People. 

So I read and prayed these prayers. Next I picked up my Angel Book and went to the chapters 6 and 30 because it’s the the 6th month and 30th day.  I came to Talk To Angels and Extend Kindness. These are the messages and prayers the Goddess has come to impart upon us tonight and for the rest of the millennium. 

I read and meditated upon these things. Pondering them deeply in my heart. Then I burned some Dragon’s Blood, Rosebud Petals, Lemongrass, and Low John Conqueror Root to do my shielding and manifesting energy work for the planet and humankind.  

So that is a glimpse into the craft of Christian Magick! I hope you enjoyed the view! 

Blessed Be! Goddess Kisses! 

Love, Ostara



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  1. bob (loki) says:

    many blessings my lady if i maythis is the night of thundermooon i wish to share with you goddess of moon n thunder guide us on this night of wonder
    by the air her breath
    by the fire her spirit
    by the water her blood
    by the earth her body i cast a circle and make a sacred place neath the thunder moon that we be cleansed so mote it be

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