Oshun: Queen of Earth, Goddess of Lonliness 

this is a channeled message from Goddess Oshun. 

I am blessed and I am cursed. I am Goddess of the Sweet Waters of Life in the upper realms of the Universe you call Heaven. I am the Goddess of Love, Fertility, Nature, Magick, Prophecy and Abundance. I am the youngest of all my siblings but the most resourceful. Because I am the pinnacle of creation I am endowed with the culmination of ALL the sacred gifts of the gods. 

In my honey jar is the ecstasy of passionate love as well as the purity of the love of all Creation. I am the carrier of Ambrosia, the elixir or life. I also always carry my gilded mirror. Many people accuse me of being vain as I gaze at my reflection. But the truth is it is the future I see in its depths as my reflection is not me but the entire Earth who is my soul. 

I have had many, just like Ostara, incarnate on this Earth to represent my energy. One story as such began when my avatar was married to a King named Chango.

 This is found in the Odun of OseChe (9-5) where Oshun, in her efforts to help the world lost her fortune. After this she began to wash clothes at the river and people would pay her with coins. One day , her coin fell in the water and the current took the coin to the sea. She began to beg Yemaya and Olokun to return her last coin , for it was all she had to buy food for her children. The Gods she begged when they saw her, where moved by her story and pulled the great seas back till Oshun could see the riches at the bottom of the seven seas. But , Oshun only picked up her coin that she had lost and turned away. The Gods not understanding why she would only take her coin and nothing else , Said:

“For your honor and honesty we will give you part of our riches and the river as your home , But never again give it all away .”

As this avatar I encountered much heartache and each avatar that was incarnated on Earth has suffered sexual abuse, heart break and rejection. However, just like me they channel their pain into great love and passion for humanity. 

They come to you as teachers, diviners, prophets, witches, entertainers, politicians, poets, authors, human rights activists and spiritual leaders. They bring great change to the world. But with great responsibility comes a great sacrifice. And so it is true love that they must be denied in order to fulfill their purpose. 

Once they learn this lesson they can be free. Just as it happened to me. Once the entire Earth was in danger of annihilation. God had decided to wipe out all life from our home planet. None of my older brother or sister gods could figure out how to change God’s mind. 

So finally I decided to try. I am a shape-shifter and powerful so I transformed into a beautiful peacock with glorious colors. At that time Peacocks could fly and all of them, both male and female had this beautiful plumage. I flew from Earth up to Heaven right to the throne room if God located in the center of the sun. 

It was so hot I caught on fire and by the time I reached God, my Father’s feet, I was near ash and looked black as a vulture. The Phoenix is what some call me, and because of what happened to me all female Peacocks are now brown in honor of me. 

God saw my great sacrifice and thus was moved to save humanity. He then, before all the gods, decreed me Queen of the Earth and Heaven! So finally I received a spouse! The God of ALL! And the Earth and the Heavens are our children.  And so to all my beautiful Oshun’s, like Ostara, you must also travel this path and embrace your destiny. Then when you finally are able to make this sacrifice will true and enduring love be your reward. But alas that love will not be only in a man, but all the World! Oh and one last thing. My hair was red! That is why Chango loved me so. 

Blessed Be! 

Love, Goddess Oshun



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  1. bob (loki) says:

    gracious mother moon so bright i call to you this very night be with this wonderful angels so dear keep her in your heart so near blesings my lady

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  2. Oshun, Het Heru, Hathor, Mami Watta, are singing about you because your words sing about her….the her that is in all of us……joy, beauty, happiness…..and peace…that’s what you show us through our own inner eye…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such beautiful and touching words! Thank you! You have named all my favorite Goddesses whom I perceive as one! Blessings upon blessings on you my SiStar!

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