The Keys To Unlock The Witch’s Fountain of Youth

Do you want to become irresistible  to men? How is it that a gorgeous man or woman falls under the spell of a man or woman that isn’t so perfect?  What is his/her secret? How does a 40 something or 50 something woman manage to look 25? I don’t know how many times I have shocked people with my age only to be told that I must be lying!  If you know someone like this more than likely they are a Witch, spiritual teacher, shaman or Mystic of some sort. Would you like to know the secrets to great beauty and youth? How to turn a housewife into a sex siren. Did you know that you can learn these Witchy secrets and it has little to do with Fae d.n.a as they say in old wives tales. Do you wanna know my secret?

I’m  a Goddess of many lifetimes and can shape-shift at will to look like any that I choose. Good girl, bad girl, sex goddess, witch. I am all things to all men and they are mesmerized by my power. Take note: these are my looks in a three month span not years.  No photoshop. Natural lighting. No filters.

I took the red head picture just last week!  And the sun shining on my skin created that affect, nothing more. My skin glows in the sun. In fact, so does my Sister’s and she is a darker tone than I.
Many people can’t believe I am 42 years old! And honestly it’s not because I have a phenomenal diet or work out everyday, because until recently I ate whatever I wanted, and did not excercise.

My secret is that I’m a channeler and in prayer and worship of God and Goddess, I  become blueprinted with the energy of Christ or any God, Goddess, or Angel I fellowship with. The secret to beauty and eternal youth is the residue of Heaven. Once a friend of mine came downstairs and caught me with eyes closed praying in meditation. Every religion suggests meditation or quiet contemplation. When you focus your meditation on connecting in astral form to a Supreme Being it becomes doubly powerful.

That is the way of a Shamanic Witch.  When I pray sometimes, I cross over the veil to the Holiest of Holies inner throne room of Father God and Mother Goddess (Holy Spirit Shekinah). Coupled with the fact that Shamans are natural born shape shifters when I pull this energy it manifests visibly on my face. Now if only I can manifest it to perfect my body! Lol!

When my friend Colleen, a devoted and quite conservative Christian, saw me in prayerful meditation she was shocked!  She said  my face glowed with a bright, effervescent, white light! I was just as shocked as she was, as then I knew absolutely nothing about the esoteric realms. Everything I did as an innocent child. I had no idea I was psychic or even a born Witch! Anyway, this light of Glory appeared upon Jesus Christ and on Moses when they communed with the Spirit of God. So it got me thinking.

I find it very interesting. Not that I equate myself to them for I am far, far below them in stature. But as I thought about it, I perceived this may also occur when anyone truly steps behind the Veil astrally and fellowships with the Spirit, God or Goddess, Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddess Guides in the Heavenly Realms.

This energy if done frequently enough slows the aging process and creates a more lasting radiance of youth. I have noticed when I commune with a certain Goddess, like Brigid, it is often shown to me astrally that I am this Goddess. I don’t believe this is literal. I believe that I become enmeshed with the Goddess as Her channel and therefore even begin to look like her.

My last incarnation was Brigid, but before her I was Oshun. Before her I was Isis and before her I was Hathor, Mother Mary, Bast and even women of the Bible such as Ruth, Hagar, Queen Esther, Cleopatra, Inanna, Gaia, Ostara and Queen Prophetess Abigail.

As a Shamanic Christian Witch there is little limit to the places I may explore in the astral realms or the energy I can channel. Now, this does not mean I literally turn into these Goddeses. It means I am imbued with their energy. It’s like a fingerprint upon my soul that stays there until I no longer have need of it for my spiritual growth.

This energy is incredibly powerful and should never be taken lightly. Even as a simple Christian or Muslim or Wiccan or so forth. This energy should be tapped into reverently, and humbly for Spritiual growth. The after effects of youth, vitality and beauty are merely after effects. Out of all these energies the most powerful is the energy of Goddess Holy Spirit.

She is the Goddess that births and orders the cosmos. She is the beginning and source of all life. Genesis 1:1 and John 1 states she even birthed the Christ for He is the Sun God, while His sister Shekinah is the Moon. Well that’s another blog post. Anyway, if you want extraordinary vitality, youth and beauty spend time in prayer and communion with God and Goddess. For they are the fountain of youth and holy grail of eternal life! Happy astral trails!

Blessed Be! I love you!

Luv, Ostara


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  1. Jose Reyes says:

    I really enjoyed reading about you, I also believe in Desteny, That when we know who we really are, and know our purpose

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  2. bob (loki) says:

    it is not hard to fal under your spell you are truly a mosty powerful woman as in the days of our ancients i to have had many lives a few i have seen some i wish i never saw but i have met my queen of long ago and have run into a few other that share th same energy i bow to you great and wonderful one you make my day with your writings with all my dedication to ya may the goddess continue to guide you on your most awsome journey see you on twitter mp

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    1. Wow! Loki I am honored by your kind words. They are beyond touching and inspire me greatly. I am human just like everyone else and am flawed. But I appreciate your encouragement and love. Have a very blessed day, Bob! See you on Twitter!

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    2. Dear Ostara, i think the same, like Bob! And you influenced me too. Ma the Goddess bless you and give you enormous power for your yourney.

      Blessings and Namaste


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      1. Blessings Albert! Wow! I’m humbled by your acknowledgment. I pray my influence continues to be beneficial in your life. And if it wasn’t for the love I receive from all of you I would be nothing. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your feedback and subscription to my blog. 😘

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      2. Thanks for your reply. And please pray to the GODDESS for me. And can you give advice in spiritual matter?

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      3. I will. Everyone has an opinion on spiritual matters. I can give you mine but you must meditate and seek those answers from Goddess. The answer is already within you. You just don’t believe it. 😉

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      4. Thanks, i will meditate and pray to the
        Goddess. My beliebte to the wonderful Goddess go greater and greater!😆

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      5. The story of Jesus and Cerunnos was first a big shock for me. but then I enjoyed it in a frenzy! It’s really not easy to accept that Jesus acts like Cerunnos. But then began my unexpected surprise a peculiar pleasure to rise in me. Simultaneously, a fearfulness was me! But then was the lust for the story to read more and more! Fear and desire mingled more and more. The joy of participating in your exciting adventure swept the fear away. And it’s a wonderful Experience for all woman, when Jesus acted like Cerunnos. The same joy, when the Highpriestess Maria Magdalene have a Ritual act with him to honore the GODDESS ! And i read and imagine this on Mabon!

        The GODDESS bless you


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