Do Witches Tithe? 


What is tithing? It is a dedication of giving 10 percent of what you receive from God to the building up of the church. Originally, it went to the building then maintaining of the Temple in Israel. Then the temple leaders also required on top of that a temple tax.
As Christians built their churches the Apostles asked for everyone to give EVERYTHING and put it together to establish them as a religious order. Now that has been established people no longer invest all of their worth but give a tithe.   
What does Jesus say? He says look at the birds. God provides their needs on a lesser level than he will you. (No tithing required) He does not give tithes or offerings of money but when forced to pay city/temple tax he gets the money from God through a fish. 

  1. So Jesus did not tithe. In fact he despised it. He destroyed the tithing system in his temple physically with a whip! 

Yet… Jesus did give an offering to the church. Because for one WE are the church! We are the kingdom of God. Jesus gave his time, his character, his leadership, his gifts of healing, his prophecy and his teachings. Lastly, he gave his very own life! And thus he commissioned,” FOLLOW ME!” So does God want your money? No. Does God NEED your money in order to bless you? No. What God wants and needs is so much more valuable and requires a greater sacrifice. Tithing was only to get you to that place. It was done to condition your heart and ready the soil. But once you get there you are required to tithe in a very different way. 

God requires your LIFE! He expects your time, prayers, healing, prophecy and wisdom to be given to his body in full measure. He expects you to live your entire life in service to humanity. How do you as a Christian extend the love of Christ to those that are different? The homosexuals? The Witches and Pagans? The Atheists and Muslims? You fear and you hate what you fear. You go to church and tithe but you stand in a corner pointing your finger in ignorance. See it is YOU that I set free from the chains. You that I am a Light to. Because for the most part, Witches get it. They are more than just watchers of God they step out and dare to become part of God….of Goddess…of the Universe! 

There is a time you are supposed to stop being the pew sitter and tither and become the minister tithing to the ENTIRE WORLD! Or your community at least. You listen to your Pastor for years, content, fat and lazy. You think giving your tithe and bringing a meal or two to your gatherings is enough. Maybe you even sing in the choir. 

I’ve been there. I’ve done all of that. I worked, was a single mom, went to school and worked two to sometimes five days at church leading the camera ministry. I went out to the streets and prayed with the street team every Saturday, and tithed. Yet still I was poor. I was poor of thinking. I had a sheep mentality. I was a Martha. And my life was miserable. 

Right now, as a Christian Witch.  I don’t attend a church. I do not tithe monetarily. But I fellowship with God/dess daily. I study my Biblical word. Also I heal the sick. I help the blind see. I give light to those in the dark. I feed the hungry. I release those bound in captivity. I share my Wisdom with thousands. 

I LIVE the Spirit of God. I AM HER. The Holy Spirit is Goddess! This is what claiming your royal priesthood means. This is being a Goddess or God. This is part of being a Witch! Ironically it was being a Witch that led me deeper in fulfilling the commission Jesus calls us to, more than simply going to church. 

Do I get tired? Yes! Is it a sacrifice for me to be in a state of constant service to all of you, the people that read my blog, my tarot clients and my family, my neighborhood? Yes! Do I just want a break sometime from the endless study, research and application of God and Goddesses word? Yes. But this sacrifice is so much richer than sitting in a church on a pew being Martha. In fact it requires of you more than being Mary also. 

So give your tithe. I get that. You have to work towards this place I’m at today. And subsequently blessings RAIN down on me daily. In fact abundance will be coming soon just because I have written this today. Not from being paid for my blog, but in all forms of abundance from the Spirit of the Universe! It is a law. God does reward a cheerful giver. And I give you MYSELF with a cheerful heart. Just remember that one day you must get here. One day you must be more than a mere money offering. One day you must give your heart. It never really belonged to you anyway. 

Blessed Be! 


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  1. bob(loki) says:

    ahh my lady i do tythe to our mother earth to the spirits of all and to any and all i can help but to a church or building nope

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    1. I agree! That is the whole point. You got it! 😘


  2. The kind of giving I like to see in a church is when they gather donations for the less fortunate in a community. I was recently at a church when they were collecting donations for a man who had lost his home and belongings to a fire. I wouldn’t be suprised if they collected enough that morning to keep him afloat for a month. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Now that is always beautiful to be a part of. I love it!

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