Angel Encounter: God Is In Charge

Ok so I had a dilemma. I was trying to make a decision between two men I love. Both of these men I love, both are part of my life, but both relationships have many obstacles standing in our way.

Here is the first reading: (Past, Present, Future) Star equals Divine Healing, 9 of Cups equals wishes coming true and 4 of Wands indicates a wedding ceremony. (This card it looks like Jumping the Broom)

My second reading for the other person: (Past, Present, Future) Ace of Wands equals great passion, fertility and creativity, Ace of Cups equals abundant love, fertility and spiritual blessings (together meaning a very deep love and passion for each other) and 10 of Pentacles indicating Financial Prosperity, Completion and a happy family that will leave a long legacy of love and wealth to our children and grandchildren. This one of course indicates possibly giving birth to one or two children.   

So you see, the trouble is my tarot cards say either way I go; I will be blessed! Oh I  was overjoyed and amazed but still frustrated as to who I shall choose. 

I was talking to Spirit and remembered I needed to get my shirt. So I went into my meditation room to retrieve it.  I had left my glasses in my bedroom, so everything was kinda blurry. I bent down and took my shirt from off my book basket and saw an oracle card on the floor by my desk!  I SWEAR…. It was not there before! Immediately I picked it up and read it. The card was from my ARCHANGEL MICHAEL oracle deck!   

 Now let me tell you!  I have given readings in that room at least three times in the last two weeks. Including earlier tonight! During the last two weeks my Archangel Michael cards I have been in the upstairs bedroom across town at my my mother’s house! No card had been on that floor! 
When I picked it up it said “God Is In Charge!” I couldn’t believe it! The Archangel Michael personally manifested a miracle to let me know it will all work out just as God plans! Isn’t the power of Spirit amazing? 

Now tonight I had a reader write to me discouraged. They felt at the end of their rope because every thing they desire always seems to disappear on them in a cloud of smoke. Their life is a trail of broken relationships, broken bank accounts and broken dreams. Can I relate! 

They asked for my help and I grappled with the right words to say in my mind. I finally thought, well maybe I should offer to give them a reading? Then out of the blue my past calls me in the middle of writing my response. So I did a tarot reading hoping to find some clarity. Because I too have many broken things in my life, most recently my heart. 

I believe all of what happened to me tonight was not just for me. I believe God used my experience tonight to bring healing to this person who called themselves ” I just want to be happy”. My friend, I know life is unfair and fraught with challenges. Some people seem to just have a better life than others. 

But I do NOT believe this is all on chance. I believe that Goddess dwells within us. She is a fountain of youth, healing, joy, peace, comfort and Wisdom. She is our moral compass but more than that she is the secret to our power and divinity. It is time you take authority of your life!   

Picture createdfor and by Do People Say You’re Too Judgmental? Do this. – George Lizos

(Fabulous article do check it out) 

It is time that you rise up and fight the negativity in your life with the love of God/dess! You have spent most of your life in fear. You have believed a lie that you will never find love, am not good enough, don’t have the right stuff or are just cursed somehow. The more you believed that about yourself the more things manifested in your life to help you believe it was truth. 

Life is a reflection of our beliefs of self. You have the power to create the life of your dreams! And you don’t have to pay anyone to fix it or even do a Magick spell. You just have to start being JOYFULLY  thankful for everything in your life! Do you have a bed? A phone or computer? Do you have a home, a family or a friend? Then start CELEBRATING that and any moment that comes into your life.   

Look in the mirror. Is your head on straight? Do you have all of your body parts? Or does what you have get you from point A to point B? That is all you need to manifest a love partner.  Once you realize you DO have all the right stuff AMAZING love will find you! In fact, amazing love should be living inside you now! 

You need to stop moping and get busy being joyful for every little thing you see and giving love away so profusely people will think you are on drugs! And if you just can’t shake the sadness then see a professional and get some medication or therapy. 

Love yourself first! You are amazing! If you want to be in the entertainment field then start entertaining people for free! Give your gifts to others for the joy of it. Abundance will find you. Love will find you! This is called the Law of Attraction and its Biblical. So get busy. God is in charge and most obviously the Angels LOVE YOU! They created all of this tonight at 3:00 am in the morning just for you and everyone else that reads this blog. 

Nothing is by chance. All is Spirit! 

I love you all! Thank you for sharing my posts on Facebook and Google. Thank you for your likes and comments! 

Bright Blessings!

Luv, Ostara  


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  1. bob(loki) says:

    blessinghs my lady wow what a dilemma all i can say is well ask your daughter ive done that in the past when im stuck she may be able to break the tie because cards n the spirits dont lie i am truly so happy you can help others i seem to have run out of steam or my current wife has drained me i am fighting back i hope to be able again to read my cards with out being ridaculed ok spellings not my strong suite enough for now im babbling much love n many hugs may the lady and lord of all continue to bless you mp

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    1. Thank you Loki! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I wish you well with your readings and relationship. Anytime you’d like a personal tarot reading from me feel free to email me at that is my paypal account as well. One question is $35. Light and Love!


  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:
    jinxx xoxo

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    1. Oh wow! Thank you… You are so amazing. 💋💋💋


  3. stella says:

    That is amazing Ostara! I love Archangel Michael, he has been working closely with me for a while now. Your posts are so inspiring to read! Xoxo love you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Stella! Yes, he was the first angel that I encountered or ever worked with. He is amazingly fair and truly the Angel of Justice!


  4. George Lizos says:

    Hi there,

    It’s great to see you’ve used my quote meme in your article. Would you mind crediting me for it by linking it to the original article ( or using the quote meme in the article with my website on it.

    Thank you in advance,

    George Lizos

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    1. Absolutely! And where can I check out your other memes? I’m just learning about memes. Lol I’d love to promote you!


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