Secrets To Seasonal Timing In Tarot 

Hi ya’ll! So… I was having a discussion with my Witchy friend Stella about how to divine seasons and timing in the Tarot. She agrees with her tarot book, Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw, that Cups are Spring, Swords are Fall, Wands are Summer and Pentacles are Winter. She debated that the elements of each correspond to a season and makes common sense. Such as Wands being fiery, so thus it signifies the heat of Summer and on and on. 

However, I disagree in that we should not only look at the elements but at the story that unfolds within each suit as well. We need to look at the personality of the characters in each suit and how they interact with the elements to determine the correct timing. 

The easiest way to do this is to look at the ten of each suit and the Queen. The tens are the completion of the story of each suit and the Queen is the heart of the story. The heart depicts the complete emotion and the emotion connects us to the energy of the Seasons. See seasons are Gaia’s moods, in a manner of Wiccan speak. Gaia being the Goddess of Earth is actually represented in the aspects of each Queen. 

So here is the correct seasons according to each suit:

Winter- Swords

Spring- Cups


Autumn- Pentacles

So how did I come to that conclusion?

Winter as Swords

Winter with its blanket of snow and ice kills or destroys things as is shown with the 10 of Swords. But winter kills to create new life. So you see the Queen with sword raised ready at once to destroy but wiser than any with the knowledge to rebuild. 

The ten of swords is never a fatal blow as the sun is rising over the horizon. So this indicates that the death is a necessary evil and the gateway for transformation. Looking at this card to me is like combining the Death, Tower and Star card. The Queen is very much like this. For she is melted snow, she is the cold that drives one inside to be close to loved ones. Through this process she helps bring lovers close to open their hearts inspite of their sorrows. Her sword is not drawn to destroy as much as it is to operate. For she is the Great Physician of the tarot who dissects to mend hearts. 

Spring as Cups



Spring is a season of growth, new beginnings, fertility and rebirth. Flowers bloom, because the rain pours and the earth leaps into receptive, deeply feminine action to create. The colors are magnificent and tranquil, the grass covered in dew and at times hurricanes and floods rip through. 

This is the essence of water. This is the essence of the Queen of cups whose silent intuition gives birth to love. Love that culminates in the 10 of cups. There is a reason why spring is the season of love! 

Summer as Wands

It’s a no brainer really that sultry summer is represented by Wands. Everyone sees the fire of their energy and the passion and intensity of their creative power. However, when heat becomes full strength it burns with an intensity that is unbearable and can wither the strongest soul, as is seen in the 10 of wands. 

When the fiery sun reflects on water it is dazzling! The beautiful shimmer lures dragonflies from their beds to dance magically in the air. Animals draw near to luxuriate near her cool springs as the lions do and the coolness of her spring tempers the hot days. This is the energy of the Queen. She creates Magick, nourishes creativity and gives a cool drink of water to those in the heat. 

Autumn as Pentacles


Aahhhh at last the harvest! It is time to reap in the wonderful abundance that we have sown. It is Mabon, the Fall Festival time, full of an abundance and opulence of Earth’s rich bounty. It is Halloween, Samhain, the time to honor our ancestors and bless our legacy passed from generation to generation. That is the meaning of the 10 of Pentacles. 

The fragrance of ripe apples and plums, the sensual delight of purple and rust colored leaves. The soft coolness of a subtle breeze. Mother in the kitchen cheerfully baking pecan pies and Thanksgiving turkey. A warm and round belly and voluptuous thighs, the sweet scent of rounded breasts swaying subtly under her dress.

 A whisper of secret mysteries of magical herbs growing in her window garden. This is the essence of the Queen of Pentacles. Mother, Lover, Hostess of joy, earthly pleasures, hidden female mysteries and the secret to the manifestation of abundance and wealth. 

Well, I would absolutely love your input and comments. What do you think about my analysis? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know! Look forward from hearing from ya! 

My next blog post will be on the subject of time. Question, if a tarot reading only looks about 90 days in the future how then can Pentacles represent years? 

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Luv, Ostara



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  1. bob says:

    i hope n pray sooon i can have you teach me how to do the cards corecctly so i dont piss off some spirits and out mother goddess

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries. You won’t make anyone angry unless you are doing them for people and tell them incorrectly. Lol. Just buy some Doreen Virtue or Colette Baron-Reid oracle cards. They are super easy!


  2. Reblogged this on Ostara, The Good and commented:

    What started as a debate with a Witchy sister of mine about accurate tarot timing became this blog post. Later Doreen Virtue used my tarot timing to create tarot cards making her alot of money. I wish I had kept my mouth shut and did it first….but oh well….where are the resources when you need them. Well the cat is out the bag. So if you would like to read the post that inspired the Angel Lady here is your chance! Blessings!


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