How Do You Know You’re a Witch? – Explaining the Natural Witch

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I recently watched a video of a witch explaining how you know if you are a witch.  Her answer was simple; “You just know.”  It’s true.  People have a tendency to be overly analytical at times.  This means it can be difficult for a person to just be quiet and listen to his or her instincts.  People from my generation were fed images of witches in The Craft, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter.  We were lead to believe that a “natural witch” is someone like Sarah (from The Craft) who can turn a pencil with her mind or make lightening strike a branch with pure intention.  Maybe some witches are capable of such things, but I figure that is quite rare.  Chances are your realization that you are a witch is not going to come at you like a parade.  Instead, it is far more likely to be like a…

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  1. bob(loki) says:

    well im not a very good witch or wizard i try to be and our num 1 rule is do as you will but harm none well sadly even though i do no pysical harm sometimes my words well you just dont repeat them in front of ladies sadly all i wish is to heal all creatures big n small guess thats why only animals like me cause most humans just dont get it much love n light

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    1. Bob I understand where you’re coming from…it’s not easy being different than the mainstream and having an out of the box thinking mindset. But you must believe in YOU! You must love YOU! And the love you pour into your animals and yourself will come back to you. But you have to also open your heart up to receive it. It you’re afraid of receiving it cause you fear being hurt you will only block the exchange of energy. Think of love energy like a bank account. You put in love, but withdraw love from others, but actually that love is really yours to begin with…so it’s due you WITH INTEREST. I love you bob(Loki)!


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