My Virgo Venus In Love & Sex

Ok so I just read about my Venus in Virgo. No WONDER I can’t find anyone! I’m a messed up perfectionist! Isn’t life grand!

Let me tell ya how messed up I am.
I’m too darn picky!!!

For one, I am SUPER hygienic. I take two showers a day, and hate germs. Lol!
Next, I analyze the shit outta a dude and if he doesn’t “act” right, or has an ugly look day I will prolly turn off from him. (case in point this guy I was talking to sent me a pic…it was just ugly, normally he’s cute, but something in his eyes was also just ick to me…so I am done talking to him)

Second if he doesn’t call like he’s supposed to, gives me too much attention or too little, is rude or dumb then I’m out.

And sex…well I have to bathe first. I don’t like spontaneous love making unless it’s strictly a quickie. I use three different soaps to bathe with and other products to eradicate scent. Lol! We both must brush our teeth and the area must be clean. Because I must be absolutely perfect and so must he.

I can overlook certain flaws though,only as long as he has something fascinating for my mind to latch onto. Or his sexual skill is mindblowingly pleasureable.

The act must be creative and passionate. I hate boring sex, yet the position doesn’t matter. What matters is the mental exploration we share. Now I’m a stickler for hygeine so you must not mix body part fluids. Like anal then vaginal. Ewww that’s gross and can cause infections. I’m super health conscious and very homeopathic and organic bent.

I research causes of illnesses and am quite a nerd. I love science! I love medical shit. I went to school for nursing and loved doing dressing changes and the grossest stuff, but I’m funny about my personal shit. Lmboo

I used to criticize and nag a lot. I don’t now. I’m more encouraging and supportive. But sometimes men find me too controlling and dominating. I intimidate them. That is probably thanks to my Scorpio rising sign. My Venus in Virgo gives me a Sinner and Saint, Good Girl/Bad Girl personality. I am one extreme or the other, and you never know when.

I can be so sweet at work. But wildly sexual while courting. But once a man gets me home in the bedroom I will become intensely shy. At least until you tell me I’m perfect and beautiful. Then you will unleash the beast and have the greatest sex of your life!

In love, I am giving and helpful. But I crave a man that can help me solve my situations or teach me a thing or two! The more a man loves me the fiercer I protect and guard our relationship and home. I am strong and have high expectations. But the more love he gives me the softer it makes me. I will make him my King!  

I think I mess up cause I’m super upfront and aggressive if I want something or someone. I hate being phony or playing games, so I may come across as pushy. And I like making good boys bad and bad boys good! 

Men usually can’t figure me out. I change my personality daily, maybe hourly. And even though I’m hygienic and plan everything in my life, my home gets out of order easy and my body gets out of order and so does my life.

I am a dichotomy in itself. I am a Witch and a Christian. That is owed to my Scorpio/Virgo vibe. So I’m a germaphobe and a bloody mess at the same time. Good girl in public, hellion at home. You get the picture.

I think I need a man that can help me organize all my shit cause I can’t, and will make me tow the line to be more healthy. But most of these guys want me to stay fat! That actually sickens me and I lose respect for them. I want you to appreciate my curves but don’t limit me!

And lastly even if I act like I am super in love with a guy I’m really running him through a series of tests and if he doesn’t pass them I will usually get rid of him, pretty quickly. I also can come across like a sex pot, but inside I’m a shy girl who is intimidated by cute guys.

The only exception is if he needs saving. Or needs me somehow. Then I will put on my Wonder Woman cape. I’ll be miserable during the relationship but will stay there out of guilt. (Which causes the blabber mouth affect cause I’m trying to find someone to help me leave him) I have learned not to blab anymore. More or less.

But now I’ve learned to make wiser choices and I am trying not to expect perfection which is hard. I tend to like men that are compulsive clean freaks. My last boyfriend always smelled like bleach. That’s such a turn on. And I love nerdy, book wormish men who are deep, analytical, hard working, perfectionistic, extemely health conscious and super friendly and attractive all at the same time.

And though I am very mystical, esoteric and Witchy cool. I think I would prefer a man that was a bit of a conservative Christian.
Go figure! But hey, as long as we can work together saving the world thats all that matters!
So thats me and how my Venus in Virgo causes me the greatest heartache in love. Any suggestions? Be nice.

Love, Ostara  


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  1. bob(loki) says:

    so you are a bit picky damn girl aint nothin wrong with that i have the same issues with women im not a neat freak but i try its all over that im wiccan and and damn proud of it i also do healings once again not so god not aloud to be taught in the proper manner we both are banging our heads against the wall but i pray that special lady will fall fron the heavens you my dear never give up you are the most beaqutiful creature around so mote it be

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And you know what…all that shit I said will fly right out the window if I meet the right guy. Lol! None of what I said really matters when I fall in love. But well…we MUST wash before sex. I don’t like filth. Lol!!!


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