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Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for all the likes on my blog posts, shares and for subscribing! It truly means alot and I love each and everyone of you very much! I am still offering readings and you may send your question to Ostaragoodwitch@gmail.com for a one time cost of $25.00 Your answers will be emailed back to you upon receipt of payment with pictures of the cards and detailed explanations as well as a channeled message from the Angels just for you! I am also offering a detailed astrological angel readings of your twelve houses for $75 dollars, a discounted price of $25.00 off the regular price for all my subscribers!

Also, I am going to begin a weekly blog on Angel Astrology for each sign until I have them completed. Many of you have mentioned how much you liked my Angel Astrology page so I thought it is time I give you a little more information!


Angel Signs and Astrological Houses

Every planetary sign has an angel assigned to it. That is why Astrology is not something evil to be feared. We only fear that which we fail to understand. Astrology is a way that God communicates the plan for your life through the angelic kingdom. You are imbued at birth with a divine imprint of the angelic kingdom, and the zodiac signs allow you to have insight into how the angels affect each vibrational aspect of your life. We are affected by much more than our Sun sign. We are affected by the placement of all of our planetary signs in different aspects of our lives. For instance I was born with the Sun hitting the Libra hemisphere, who Archangel Chamuel governs. So I will display traits of her in my personality, as this is what the Sun aspect of my birth chart rules.

There are twelve different houses that affect your persona and destiny. Each of these are governed by the angel, so it actually is them, and not the planets which are helping to orchestrate events in your life. That is why when you go to a psychic or intuitive or even prophetess at church they can glimpse into the future and get a little info of coming events. The angels have already created it as the bible says, they go before you and make your crooked path straight. Well this planetary movement is the physical evidence.

Astrological Houses

astrology houseshouses-wheel

Here are the astrological signs and their corresponding Archangels and name meanings.

Aries and Archangel Metatron*(Chancellor and Distributor of Abundance from Heaven)
Taurus and Archangel Sandalphon* (Angel of Prayer and Musical Praise)
Gemini and Archangel Gabriel* (Strength and divine revelation of God)
Cancer and Archangel Zadkiel* (Righteousness of God, Mercy and Forgiveness)
Leo and Archangel Ariel*(Lion/ess of God, Angel of Nature and Animal and Earth Healing)
Virgo and Archangel Jophiel*( Beauty of God and Angel of Creativity)
Libra and Archangel Chamuel* (He who sees God, Angel of Love)
Scorpio and Archangel Raziel* (Keeper of Secrets, Angel of Mysteries)
Sagittarius and Archangel Raguel* (Friend of God, Fairness, Order and Justice)
Capricorn and Archangel Azrael* (Angel of Transformation and Death)
Aquarius and Archangel Jeremiel* (Angel of the Afterlife, Hope and Prophecy)
Pisces and Archangel Uriel* (Light of God, Angel of Wisdom, Forgiveness and Salvation)

Archangel Michael is the Prince of all Angels- He rules over Metatron, Gabriel, Raziel, Raguel , Zadkiel, Azrael and Uriel

Archangel Raphael is the Healer of all Angels-He rules over Sandalphon,Ariel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Raziel, and Jeremiel


Traditionally, each house is numbered 1-12 and each will house a particular zodiac sign, on top of that your own personal zodiac sign will be placed.  You can simply google astrological birth chart calculator and find out yours very easily with your time of birth, birthday and place of origin.

Number one, or the first house is your Ascendant or rising sign, so you write in there your rising sign, for me it is Scorpio and then you move forward in the zodiac and place whatever sign naturally comes next in the second house and so forth. For instance mine would be 1st house Scorpio, 2nd house Sagittarius, 3rd house Capricorn, 4th house Aquarius, 5th house Pisces, 6th house Aries, 7th house Taurus, 8th house Gemini, 9th house Cancer, 10th House Leo, 11th house, Virgo, 12th house Libra. Then  you look at how those signs interact with each house.

However, with Angel Astrology instead of looking at the your zodiac sign that falls in each house we look at which Archangel governs each house and the personality and lessons that each angel brings to that area in your life. So Scorpio being my first house, which represents persona, leadership and how I interact with others is governed by Archangel Raziel. Archangel Raziel is the Keeper of Secrets, but ironically, it was him that shared all of the esoteric secrets of Heaven with mankind! So I can be very verbose in telling people the secrets related to the divine. Also Raziel wrote many sacred texts that he also shared with Enoch in the Bible. Interestingly enough, I write to communicate with dozens of people sharing esoteric secrets and helping mankind through my written word. So you see I actually am correct, and Ms. Doreen is not, in the choice of Raziel governing Scorpio.

Now one of the shadow workings, or areas that I may need to overcome, is my propensity to blab secrets. Nothing is a secret and I have a hard time keeping anything from the Light. I am also clairvoyant and walk the many realms of the Heavens, so I am vastly knowledgeable in the deeper mysteries, which may annoy people somewhat with my constant need to share EVERYTHING I know! I think this was Raziel’s problem too! (awww…he just kissed me on my cheek! ) The Angels really love when we share knowledge about them and gain a better understanding of our divine selves. In fact, I am learning as I write this because all of it I channel directly from Spirit.

Now, you should delve into each Angelic house and connect with your Archangel over it to gain divine insight. You should do this with each house and angel going forward until you complete the twelve. I suggest, and so do they, that you tackle one house a week, so that you can get the most out of it and really get to know your Archangel.

I wish you great joy upon your journey! Blessed Be!

Love, Ostara



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  1. bob(loki) says:

    many blessings my lady thank you jut learnd something new been barking at the wrong angel may our mother be with you always merry part

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    1. Oan…no angel is wrong. You should talk to them all. I do!


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