Why It’s Important For Christians To Understand Witchcraft


It is my belief that I have been incarnated on the Earth plane several times. I have dreamed of two past lives and have had a literal re-experience of the time when I was tortured and murdered for being a Witch. When I first began my tentative step into Wicca and away from Christianity I was attacked several times by demonic forces. Psychic Vampires, depression, fear…all of these stem from actual entities. But when I had my experience being tortured was the most heinous. I was eating a bowl of cereal, frosted flakes, and suddenly I saw a black eye staring at me in front of my face. It was around three am as I had been studying one of my books on being Psychic.

I rebuked the vision and it went away, but suddenly my food tasted like metal. I had visions stream through my head, sent as if on a speeding bullet straight to my brain. It literally felt like an assault. I saw myself strung up with my hands in iron chains, my black hair hanging down, my mixed facial features, and the fear. I could smell the putrid odor in the cell. I saw and felt them slice my forehead till blood flowed down my face and they laughed and called me a Witch! I knew in that moment they were going to slice off my breasts and I would bleed to death and die. I began speaking in tongues and commanding these demonic spirits to leave my home and they fled! But I knew that they had showed me my greatest fear at that time, being found out as a Witch and being murdered for it! It took me about two years before I accepted I was a Witch and then another six months or so before I came out the cauldron.


An Ignorant Christian Witch Was I….

One of the reasons I realize that it is important for those born Witches, or whom have been witches in past lives and feel drawn to the healing and magical arts, is because being an ignorant Witch born with abilities is a dangerous thing! When I was 26 years old, as a devoted church going Christian; I fell in love, at work, with a beautiful man, who was a notorious player. We began living together soon after our first sexual encounter but he would frequently tip over across the street to have sex with this lady he was messing with before we hooked up.  One day, I remembered someone telling me that in “roots” that if you do a certain thing you can freeze a person from doing something negative to you. I didn’t even know what “roots” was at all!

So I did it (nope I am not telling what). However, my natural Witchy self intuitively added my own distinctive signature. Not only did I create a spell and write it out, in the name of Jesus of course, but I added blood to give it a boost! Now I remind you I knew not ONE thing about magick except what I saw on television and that just looked like a lot of fun, but not real. In fact, I thought Witches were the devil, but what I was doing was fine, because I did it in Jesus name and to protect my relationship from that evil seductress, with the black widow spider tattoo on her leg. And furthermore, I didn’t even believe it would work….just make me feel better.


Unfortunately for her, I was actually a real bonafide, blood generational Witch, who had no idea that she possessed great power! One week later this poor woman became ill with tumors so big that she had to immediately be rushed to the hospital and have surgery to remove them. This left huge crater like scars all over her stomach. She also found out that she was infertile due to having diabetes. She lost her job, moved away and I got my man. Of course, that didn’t stop him from being a whore. I became pregnant and he was a worse boyfriend than I ever could imagine. Eventually, I too lost my job and my apartment. I had no idea until many years later that the spell I had done had actually worked, but also created a karmic backlash that degraded my life.  It took me twelve years to recuperate my losses.

This is why it is so important for those that are born Witches to learn about witchcraft and understand the great responsibility and power that comes with much knowledge. Being ignorant, they will only intuitively, called keening, create magickal manifestations, that could blow up in their faces, and hurt innocent people. I am not alone! Many Christians today practice roots or some form of magick and do not even realize it! Churches as a whole operate in magick, by calling forth Angels to bring in parishioners. Most Pastors do this intuitively not knowing they are born Witches or Shamans. Laying on of hands is basically rising the kundalini and activating the spiritual dna, of which they leave their parishioners ill equipped to deal with.


Before I knew I was a Witch, I could also control the weather. I would make rain stop, and did it often during my childhood so I could go and play. One day my city was afflicted with a terrible forest fire, due to the heat and lack of rain, that the news reported could possibly spread to homes in the nearby area. I remember going to my window to pray for rain. Innocent right? I opened the window, and raised my hands and commanded the rains to fall, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. I promise you…..suddenly lightning cracked and thunder roared and slowly within a few minutes rain began to fall. I remember just falling on my face! I couldn’t believe it! The rain fall soon became a Hurricane. But a gentle one….it was like a gift!  And yes the fire dwindled before it destroyed any lives.

“The soaking from Beryl also significantly improved conditions for firefighters who have been battling wildfires across North Central Florida.

Florida Forest Service spokeswoman Ludie Bond said Tuesday that while the Wacassassa fire district has 23 wildfires that remain active, none of them is out of control and most of them were tamed considerably by the rainfall on Monday and Tuesday.

Bond said firefighters determined that some 5 inches of rain fell on the County Road 1475 fire northwest of Waldo, which has “cooled the fire quite a bit. We’re not seeing nearly the amount of heat from the fire that we were a few days ago. Right now there’s no fire movement.”

Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 10:31 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 9:37 p.m.

Now as I have actually studied Wicca and learned about the Universal Threefold Law, as well as come to an understanding of my intrinsic and natural born Witchy gifts; I am able to be responsible, careful and in control.  This is NOT something that I believe just ANYBODY should practice. Many Witches may disagree but I feel those of us born as Witches are appointed as such and those that are not naturally endowed should leave the real magick to us. In fact, I believe divine alchemy, that many call magick should NOT be done unless necessary for one’s survival or healing. Now many call doing rituals of self-worth, prayer and visualization magick but actually it is not. Real Magick takes crafting and perfectly timed execution as well as having a great amount of spiritual gifting.

Everyone can pray, visualize and manifest abundance or love. Lighting a candle or two and praying to your deity is everyone’s right.  But shifting the universal laws of the body, and life circumstances, or working with deities for healing and protection or divination of the future should not be allowed to everyone. That is an anointing that comes with a price, and requires an anointing. I feel one must be called by God/dess to be such.

Christians should have full understanding about witchcraft. Not necessarily spell making but the basic laws found in nature, and the energetic blue print of the Universe. It is also important that they honor the divine within themselves and name that divinity both male and female. To strictly label God as male is an abomination and cruel to womankind. It is time for Christians to embrace the universal laws and stop running from them. Besides it is indeed Biblical, it’s part of the foundation of the teachings of Jesus Christ! Please read my blog Witchcraft Teachings of Jesus for clarity!

Blessed Be!

Love, Ostara



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  1. What is this roots you speak of?

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    1. It is what African Americans, especially in the South, reference Hoodoo. When someone puts roots in you they manipulate your life negatively. I didn’t understand that, just merely thought it was some old wives tale. But apparently it’s real.

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  2. bob(loki) says:

    well i dont know about you but ive done my best to teach up here that witchcraft is not evil and never was but sadly with these big holy rollin fundamentalist churches were all gonna burn in hell which i reply i was in hel and was thrown out even had a couple come up to me and bash me in the haed screaming heal thy devil or some shit naw it is never gonna change till they open their eyes to see the beauty in our beleifs blessings my lady n thank you once again for such awsome post

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    1. It will change and it is people like you who make that possible by supporting my blog and all that you do. Take a page out of the Christians mindset though. Do not try to teach them with words, but with your kind and gentle spirit. In seeing that, they will be won over. After all love ALWAYS triumphs hate. A meek answer turns away wrath. It works. 👓🌂


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