Breath of Success Spells

Many people enjoy aromatherapy, and recommend certain herbal scents to empower certain senses in the brain. But what if I told you that you can use this secret to empower your life and aid you in your pursuit of success? There are dozens of breath fresheners on the market today!  From watermelon to cinnamon. So why not use the power of aromatherapy to your benefit? Here is a list of scents that are sure to help you become a winner!


Energy and Sex Appeal, combined with cherry tones down sex appeal and amplifies self-confidence and positive energy making you magnetic. 

This herb has been used for wisdom and increasing memory. It is recommended for teachers, students or when you have to make a business presentation. Also if you want to tell your spouse something you don’t want him to forget. 


This scent can help you break obstacles, for protection and also to attract the Fae and Deva nature spirits for luck and good fortune. No wonder it’s my FAVORITE flavor! 

Aromatic Spices


I have had many women come to and request spells or herbal secrets to help sustain their relationships or quell disagreements. A wise woman always keeps her kitchen cabinet well stocked with these spices, and not just for consumption! 


You can suck or chew on them to prepare for a meeting of expanding your business, loan request or protecting your wealth or investments. They are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wealth. 


This spice (with or without clove) is great for lawyers, sales people, and playboys. This spice brings eloquence to the tongue and clove of course wealth. Alone it has been used in ancient times to woo a lover. So if you add Clove you will woo more money from people in business. 

Star Anise

This is a Neptunian and creative energy perfect for artists, writers, designers, film producers and entertainers. This breath freshener draws money and makes one appear youthful. Licorice and anise together are perfect for job interviews. 


Increases metabolism and libido. Oil can also be rubbed on genitals to increase blood flow. It is actually an all around good luck and blessing herb that also brings positive changes speedily! 

Fruit and Flower Essences



Lemon drops and lemon candies are calming and peaceful. I think this is best for doctors, nurses or those in the mental health industry. Anywhere that you are called to fix someone else’s problems. 


Is good to attract positive energy. If you aren’t a favorite of your peers or maybe a grief counselor or do hospice care this can literally be a breath of fresh air. Also great working around small children! 


This is a great scent to have in the home. Many cleaners have the Orange scent and this smells helps to form partnerships. Clean your work desk with a little orange cleanser, eat oranges at home with your spouse or best friend. Have a grumpy co-worker? Offer her an orange or tangelo! 


This flower essence is known for relieving anxiety and producing a calming effect. Work with a bunch of rambunctious school age children or in a prison? Wear lavender. Drink lavender tea to ease your stress. It also stirs up an energy of love. 


This flower is often used in the springtime to make One’s wishes come true. Wear it in your hair or pinned to your shirt. It is also used tear round for protection and to change One’s fortune! 

Well I hope you enjoyed my little Magickal list of goodies! 


A special thanks to Lexa Rosean, high priestess and spiritual healer for her book Powerful Spells!  

Blessed Be

Love, Ostara  


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  1. stella says:

    This was definitely very helpful info and I am going to be sure to take this stuff to heart and start using it! Wintergreen is also one of my favorite scents along with lemons and oranges.

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    1. Thank you Stella! I’m really glad you feel it was helpful. Keep me posted!


  2. jwuollife says:

    Brilliant post. Thank You 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for your compliment.

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  3. bob says:

    thank you ive been experimenting with different spices n herbs to find that just right ice tea i shall give this a whurl many blessing to you n your may our mother comtinue to guide n protect

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    1. Awesome! Blessings


  4. hocuspocus13 says:

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    Ever heard the phrase, “The smell of sweet success…?” Well, success does actually come in many different fragrances. Learn how to use them to aid the energy of drawing abundance into your life.


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