Venus Retrograde Love Review

The Venus Retrograde has many of us, especially Taurus and Libra’s thinking about love. When Venus goes backwards it is a time to review past behaviors and make positive changes. I’ve been through two marriages and learned a lot!   

These are the things I’ve learned, especially about marriage:

1. Love will not bloom without my full attention. Meaning, there must be no other man to occupy my mind, conversation or life in an intimate or romantic or even deeply friendly way except MY man! 
2. I gotta have a life outside of him. My own career, goals, hobbies and friends. 
3. We must share the same values. It’s ok if we have different cultures or religious paths, that’s just dressing. The buts and bolts are what matters. Meaning integrity, honesty, faith, compassion, family values. Those must resonate. 
4. Don’t tell ya’ll business. Don’t talk about your sex life, even to your bestie, don’t complain to your family when he screws up and above ALL else keep your relationship sacred. 
5. Keep concerns or arguments outta the kitchen and the bedroom. If you’re gonna argue go for a drive. And if a woman must complain do it while he drives. It makes it easier for him to talk about it if he still feels in control. 
6. Don’t ever lie. 
7. Don’t tell him EVERYTHING in detail. Especially about past lovers. If he asks you have amnesia. Lol 
8. Don’t put up with his crap, call him on it. Then bake him a cake…it will lead to sex and all will be well. 
9. Leave him alone sometimes. And don’t text him all night if he goes out with friends without you. 
10. Don’t try to change him. If you don’t like him the way he is, and he’s not trying to change that then decide if you can live with that for 20 yrs. 
11. If you wouldn’t want your son to be moderately like him, like not even close…end it and don’t look back. 
12. Don’t be afraid to look like a fool a little bit for love. 
13. Sometimes, well a lot of times he IS right. So listen. 
14. Sex is very, very important. Get it right. If he needs help demonstrate, appreciate but DONT complain. Lol! 
15. And lastly…. Everything the in laws say is RIGHT. Never disagree. If you don’t like them pretend. And do not talk about them or treat them the way he does… You are not blood. You are a guest…even if they say otherwise. Because at the end of the day it’s him that’s gonna lay beside you at night not them. And if u don’t get along it will cause him pain. So fake it till you make it if you have to! 

Oh! And one more. If he hits you, or threatens you in any way to make you feel abused, END THE RELATIONSHIP! Get the hell outta there! And don’t look back! 

These are my love lessons. I hope you enjoyed them! 

I love you! 💋

Luv, Ostara  


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  1. ellemiller says:

    So beautiful and powerful. I have been divorced and so much of this resonates so completely. You have an amazing gift of honesty and peace. I wish that we all find the same within ourselves, or that we celebrate our unique gifts and share with others (as you have done and taught). Thank you for being an ever bright life in the lives of so many. Thank you for touching hearts, offering forgiveness, and drawing healthy and strong boundaries in your life (as an example for ours. I believe that all your dreams will come true and this will be because you never shied away from the difficult task of loving yourself most. All my love, always… and THANK YOU!

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    1. My dear thank you! Your words have touched my soul and resonate within my being! Sometimes I find it difficult to see myself that way. Lol. So I really appreciate that you took the time to share your feelings about my blog post and my writing. It means more than you know! Blessings upon blessings my dear love! 😘

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  2. Are you thinking about love? Are you deciding who to give your #heart to? Read this 1st – @olaqueenbee @olavay

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    1. Thank you! I will definitely read it. Blessed Be

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      1. Blessed be My Love Be well and prosper 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Namaste! Merry Meet 🌛🌒🌜

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      3. Thank You and Namaste LOVE2U always

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  3. bob says:

    hugs n kisses many blessings

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