The Witch, the Twin Flame and Unrequited Love

Hi my Witchy Lovelies!

I am sorry for my absence. This Venus retrograde has been a doozy for Libra me! This is my personal version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, as I fell under the dastardly twin flame spell of a wicked Leo man! Bwahahaha!

leo and me full

First, I had to see a horse about a man! lol Or is it the other way around?  I have been on an arduous journey of love and despair. I fell deep, ever so deep in love with an illusion, a shadow of what love could be. Like Mariah sings,” I had a vision of love and that was all that you turned out to be.”  I think one of the most tragic relationships is falling in love with your best friend.  And I loved him dearly. I love him still. I can’t eat. I changed my looks, new hairstyles, long nails, lost weight, changed all that I thought needed a little improvement. I did this to feel good about myself but also with the hopes that he would see me as more than just a friend.

princess  vs queen warrior

Under His Spell

Of course, he thought I looked fabulous, beautiful he would say….but still his mind was resolute…friend only. Normally, I would never go to these lengths out of my comfort zone. But alas, I have found my soul mate, my twin flame and the other half of my soul. Now witch that I am; I do a little spiritual snooping. I pull out the tarot cards to see if I am crazy or is there something to this? And I continue to do this to “check” on our status all along the way and get a little advice. In spite of many hiccups, I don’t give up. Whenever I want to just chuck it; I will watch his sun sign monthly forecast and they tell me he is evolving, transforming, and slowly realizing, I am his soul mate and future wife.

So I hang on….Finally though I have let go. A witch can only take so much! I mean, Spirit told me in 2009 when I first met him at work, and long before I knew I was a born Witch/Prophetess, that he was my husband. There was this white light glowing around his head as he walked past me and God spoke deep, affirmatively inside me. When we finally met I was pregnant by my then boyfriend and yet still we had much chemistry.  I KNEW that if I came back unmarried he and I would become a couple. But I was scared of how powerful our connection was so out of a sense of duty I married my boyfriend (our relationship was destructive, but I was trying to do the right thing) and came back to my crush married.  He was “crushed” literally and though we flirted so much with each other people suggested we get a room; we still  never made a move on each other.  Even while my husband  left me and we planned on getting a divorce.

eyes queen goddess witch

Delusions of Love

I tried for years to get him back into my life…but like any twin flame he ran from me….just keeping a distant communication sporadically. I tried to move on. I had other relationships and so did he. Neither one of our relationships worked out of course. Meanwhile, I would dream of him…year after year…always these intense sexual unions between us, sometimes marriage and once in a dream we had a child. I would dream of his family, talk to his parents…and even dreamed about the women around him. These dreams cut like a knife because they were so visceral that I could wake up from a sex dream having a physical orgasm! This is the intensity of a twin flame love!

I once heard my old Pastor preach about love. He said that when God brings two people together it is because they have an intertwined destiny. I believe this. I have longed to find a spiritual soul mate that would share my passion for travel and spiritual inspiration and teaching.  I didn’t understand how this man would fit into my destiny until I saw his hand while spending the weekend with him recently. Yeah, he finally let me back into his life (as his best friend) even though he knows how much I love him. He had me look at his palm and I was shocked! I couldn’t tell him, but I saw that we shared the same destiny and that I would be his wife! I was completely prepared to not see anything. But I saw plainly his wife would be rich and famous. (Which I will be when I publish my book)… I also saw that he would have eight kids but only four would be his physically.(He has two and I have been told many times I would have two more, plus the four I already have) I also saw the woman he loves now and will marry is someone he loved once before and reunited with. All of this adds up to me, possibly.


Unrequited and Uninvited

I watched his Leo video monthly horoscopes and they all said he is literally walking away from his destiny out of fear and because I do not appear as his usual type. Yet all the women he has shown me he likes, all have my similar facial features. It hurts me to watch him walk away from us and our happily ever after. But I also realize that maybe this is just the illusion. Perhaps he is the Wizard and I am caught unaware under his spell. Could it be I don’t know him? That I only lust him?  How can I explain to him that I don’t just know him, but that I remember him from life after life? How can I tell him that even though I may not know every detail about his life, I see his soul? And it is his soul that possesses me not his looks? How do I tell him I believe deep down he loves me but is afraid of seeing and feeling it because he is tired of being hurt? How can I tell him I know he is afraid of this new path, this new chance and my crazy ways?

I have tried but it falls on deaf ears. He hides. He keeps his eyes closed. He turns away. So maybe I am wrong, so I gave up.  But when he looks at me I see it in his eyes….the deep longing to be loved. I just want to protect his heart from the world. And even from me. So if he doesn’t want to love me I won’t make him. But I can’t lie to him and pretend to just want friendship. That is what all those other women around him do….they lie…..they deceive. So I have left. Maybe I am wrong…..maybe I am reading into everything because it’s what I want it to be? So it is time to just remove myself from this equation. I am tired of the illusion. I will now have to let the power of my Witch self rise and reclaim my throne. I thought I had finally found my King, but alas I must rule my Kingdom alone….not as a Queen but as KHALEESI!

khaleesi game of thrones

11 Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

twin flame love

  1. Before or while they come on the scene you will see 11:11 or  12:12 alot (I don’t know why but I do)
  2. There presence will encourage one or the other to suddenly reach new goals, you receive sudden rush of luck, and answer to prayers
  3. You can read their feelings and literally feel them thinking of you
  4. You will dream of future events about them
  5. The universe will give you signs and if he/she has parents or grandparents crossed over they will give signs of their approval.
  6. Divine timing-It usually will be bad timing when you meet but no matter what happens you two will inexplicably stay drawn to each other and eventually come back together.
  7. A karmic feeling of belonging and soul recognition when you meet
  8. A constant desire to touch or join yourself to them
  9. A united soul journey or destiny that will impact mankind profoundly (win flames do not come together for just love and self pleasure….it is to better mankind…so if your destiny is not to do so as a Lightworker you are not with your twin flame yet)
  10. One always runs away and sometimes you take turns running until both are awakened and see their twin flame union….it is often one is not spiritually aware….but when the twin flame is near they begin truly awakening to the spirit. This is the case for me….as he is slowly awakening and I suddenly became more active in achieving the goals that will be part of our shared destiny.
  11. Both experience awakening symptoms, appetites diminish, a desire for organic food emerges more strongly and they maintain a deep nearly telepathic spiritual bond.

twin flame

Venus Blessings!

Love, Ostara


2 Comments Add yours

  1. natalie says:

    I am going through this very thing, but we were together and then he just pushed away from me.
    We have spent many lifetimes together as well. It hurts deeply and feels as if my soul is ripping right out of me. He won’t talk to me…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl, don’t I know it! This full moon is coming up though…use it or lose it I always say! Check back for my next post!


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