Recognizing A Twin Flame From A Soul Mate

Hi! So lately I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding love relationships, most especially twin flame romance. A lot of the relationships that I am presented by people that believe they are with their twin flame are not. So here is a brief description of an amalgamation of research and personal experience with Twin Flame versus Soul Mate love.

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Soul Mate

  1. You meet and feel an instant sexual attraction and will always feel drawn
  2. They are usually you’re exact physical type or habit
  3. You lack a spiritual or mental compatibility but find he/she makes you feel happy and understood
  4. You may feel like this person really gets you and you have much in common
  5. However, your goals and lifestyles, though similar do not gel
  6. There is infidelity, insecurity, childhood issues resurface
  7. You are usually still growing spiritually and financially
  8. You may be altogther unsure of how to realize your dreams
  9. Your focus is on earthly success and accomplishment
  10. Your soul mate may make you feel loved and help you grow  but as you grow they become less of what you want in your life, whether you stay or choose to go.

Twin Flame

  1. You meet and both feel an instant recognition, whether you are attracted to them or not
  2. When you meet it is usually poor timing or in an unusual place for you to be at
  3. Usually the two of you look like complete opposites, or have other polar opposite differences,but are mirrors of each others soul
  4. Upon meeting you both start going through a transformation spiritually. It is not unusual for one to become more spiritually awakened or driven than the other one
  5. One or both of you may feel an overwhelming fear to run away from the other person and this may continue to happen until both of you are full awakened to Spirit
  6. Even apart you maintain a link to each other, dream bout future events with each other and know when the other needs prayer
  7. Your twin flame is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and sexually perfect for you no matter how they appear or where they come from
  8. You compel each other to grow in a complimentary way and your souls and lifestyles merge causing an balance of male and female (yin/yang) energy
  9. You will not unite or marry your twin flame until you begin actually fulfilling your destiny…for example I am a writer and spiritual teacher. I have fulfilled my destiny in a small measure and maybe your twin is going to school for hers or building his business, whatever it is the two of you will utilize those gifts and creations to better the planet and heal humanity JOINTLY.
  10. Twin Flames share the same destiny and when they come together it catapults them headlong into the highest potential for all they came on this earth to accomplish!

mixed couple love

Just shooting straight~ if his life or your life is not together or heading that way, then chances are that person is your soul mate not your twin. This doesn’t mean you are rich or perfect but it does mean you both must be in position to embark upon your destiny to be a light worker on the planet. If that is not your call you will not meet your twin this lifetime.  I also would like to add as the Angels just informed me of this….you and your twin flame evolve life after life. So the person in this life that is your soul mate could very well be your twin in the next life! So no worries, one day you both will find and love each other on that  plane of existence. That is, if he/she is your destined twin flame in training (that is what they call it). You only have one twin flame and chances are you have been in life after life with them already. You will absolutely know it when you begin a relationship with them of any kind.  And when you first look into each other’s eyes you will feel with utter certainty that you belong to them….not just want them….belong.

Starlight Blessings!

I love you!!!!


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