Venus and Mars Conjunction August 2015: Beauty Kisses The Beast!

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I actually thought I could simply blog about the Venus and Aries conjunction and not get into my personal life! lol! You wanna make Goddess laugh tell Her your plans! So I am about to get deeply personal and that feels really uncomfortable to me, but alas, it is what I was placed on this earth to do. One can not fully emerge from the cave and shine if one is still trying to be a bit hidden. I have been deeply in love for a difficult seven years with my twin flame. Now I won’t go into details here because I did that in my previous blog post, so read The Witch, The Twin Flame and Unrequited Love.  However, I do need to reiterate a bit so you can see how the Venus and Mars relate to us and subsequently in your own life!

Now the planetary movements affect everyone in a different way. It is like our God/dess plays a beautiful musical symphony and we have the free will choice to harmonize with the universal song or sing to the beat of our own drum. However, if we choose our own rhythm, we will sing off key and that will make the entire world concert sound like crap! People will not be too happy about that and it just gets everybody out of place! That is exactly how our life is if we keep ourselves blind to the signs of the universe and the astrological movements of the Heavens. On August 29, 2015 we are faced with a Super Moon that will precede the squaring of Venus and Mars in the Heavens. By the way if you have any emotional problems in relationships or heartfelt wishes, especially in love, the full moon prior to the conjunct is the primal time to send prayers and affirmations of healing and love up to the universe and God/dess!

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Venus and Mars are the planetary lovers of the starry constellations. They have been wading carefully towards each other in the ocean of the milky way for sometime now. Finally, on August 31, 2015 they kiss! Now I am going to interject my personal story and aha moment. My twin flame is a very huge, muscle and fitness trainer and physical therapist. He has devoted all his life to building his body carefully, watching his diet and training his muscles daily to reach a level of fitness that honestly makes men jealous and women faint! Food is fuel for him, no more.  However, he is extremely intellectual, funny, loving, kind, hardworking and quite conservatively spiritual.

On the contrary, I am a very soft, rounded belly voluptuous woman who equates fine cuisine with adventure and am rather a foodie. But I have devoted my life to the pursuit and development of my spiritual self with as great aggression as he has with his fitness. All that I am is love, and nearly all of my life choices have been focused on finding, sharing  and receiving love. With the wisdom I have gathered from my experiences, I have cultivated a lifestyle based on teaching and gifting my love and wisdom with all of humanity, as a psychic angel medium and life coach.  Quite obviously, him with is furry, muscular and ultra masculine body and energy, bent on teaching mankind how to develop their physical temple; and me with my soft, rounded and ultra feminine body, bent on teaching mankind how to develop their intuitive and loving spiritual temple makes us virtually the incarnate earthly bodies of planets Mars and Venus!

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Imagine my dumbfounded surprise when I realized this! It is almost like our physical selves are acting out the journey of Mars to Venus which is culminating in a galactic kiss on the 31st of August in the heavens! Currently, my Mars has rejected me. My presence is a source of great confusion and transformation for him. My essence pulls him out of his comfort zone and as he heads to Cancer, making him more nurturing, softening his heart and mystifying him with my feminine energy. Of course, my Venus energy is quite at home in the deep and tranquil waters of emotion and intuition and home life, while his Mars energy fuels the passion! However, because of his spurning and dragging his heels  I am a little thrown off so I am in retrograde. I mean basically to pull him to me I had to slip in through the back door, get a little out of character by being a bit masculine in my pursuit of him and active. Thus in affect, he has transformed me, putting him in retrograde as well!

During our metamorphosis, I have been acquiring many of his Olympic and legalistic attributes.  I began training and focusing on my physical temple, and leaning more towards the mental plane rather than emotional or spiritual, by entering college and focusing on business at hand. He on the other hand has opened up spiritually and emotionally, and has begun exploring deeper truths as well as depths of what love really means to him. But what is the deeper significance of this? Well it appears that not only are we Twin Flames, we are very significant Twin Flames to the development of this age of awakened spiritual consciousness. He is a Leo, ruled by the Sun and I am a Libra ruled by Venus!  Just as we dance slowly towards each other, during our courtship, so does the planets Mars and Venus. Once they become in conjunction their energies will merge. This will cause a Great Balance in all the Universe! And if my Mars man decides to flow with the Universe to his Venus lady and not fight against it (because there is that free will to play off key) then our life path energy will harmonize. We will bring great balance to ourselves as well as the community we affect.

I am a spiritual teacher and he is a physical fitness teacher, both of us healers and both of us united together at the perfect alignment to act out this momentous planetary shift in our cosmic world! I see plainly the intertwining of our destiny as we teach each other how to balance and merge our energy into one BEING. As we integrate so shall the Spiritual energy with the Earthly plane. It is as if I am Goddess Nut and he is God Geb and we are in a consummate dance of creation! I have dreams of traveling around the world with my Mars man and teaching and leading millions of people together with our conjoined energy of love.


And of course in the world of tarot when you put lady Libra with Leo you create Strength! Many do not know originally Libra was the Goddess of Justice and Love but the Romans eradicated the divine feminine aspect of her and made her just the scales. In actuality Libra is the Hidden Goddess, and guardian of all esoteric wisdom of Heaven. She is Goddess Ma’at, upon whom all of Heaven is built.  The Strength cards is Libra and Leo, Venus and Mars, Spirit and Physical, Love and War, Creation and Destruction joined together in complete harmony.

That is why Libra is the balance scales, the judge, the peacemaker of the zodiac and the constellation. The scales in a sense are formed when Venus and Mars conjunct and bring that fiery energy. Leo is the the Sunlight that gives Mars it’s hot glow and energy, so in essence Leo is the father of Mars and an extension of the Great Sun. Thus we have the fiery Leo, Aries and Sagittarius  as  aspects of Father God and airy Libra, Gemini and Aquarius as aspects of Mother Goddess. Leo the King and Libra the Queen ruling the sky. While the Earth and Water signs rule the Earthly kingdom.

I will keep you posted if anything happens by August 31st! I hope he decides to play in harmony with God, but only time will tell. I must wait patiently praying and hoping. Hope your Venus Mars conjunction day is as epic! Write in and let me know how it goes!  As Sebastian the crab sings in The Little Mermiad: Will the handsome prince walk away from his destiny or kiss the girl? So follow my blog and stay tuned!

Venus Peace Blessings To You All!

I love you!!!

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