Goddess Yemaya: Mother of the Pisces Super Moon, August 28, 2015

Hi My Friends!

I have read countless dire forecasts about the coming Pisces Supermoon and it really did not sit right with my spirit. So I began researching the different astrological affects of the full moon, Venus retrograde and the zodiac sign of Pisces which is ruled by planet Neptune. I studied the Pisces male and female in theory and also through personal experiences of the Seven Pisces people who have juxtaposed themselves in my life at various times.


Soon I saw a connection emerge that made everything so clear about how the universe is really going to impact and transform us upon the Earth! In the most ancient of West African Yoruban spirituality there is an orisha Goddess named Yemaya. She is often described as the original mermaid Queen and Mother. She is the Goddess of the full moon and the seven seas. She rules over maternity in our lives, as she is said to have birthed the world and all the Orishas from her womb. Orishas are like Angels that watch over and protect us from the moment of our birth. Yemaya,or some say Yemoja,is a shortened version of Yeyé Omo Eja, which means “Mother Whose Children are the Fish” to reflect the fact that her children are uncountable.

This reminds me of Hagar in the Bible whose children, God promised, would be as innumerable as the stars of Heaven! I find it sublimely fascinating that just as life starts, in the sea of amniotic fluid inside the mother’s womb;to become a baby we must transform and evolve through the form of a fish, miraculously! So just like the Holy Spirit, who rebirths us after we take on the mantle of Christ-hood (which is not sole property of Christians but of everyone);Goddess Yemaya displays herself as truly the mother of all creation!

The Holy Spirit, named Wisdom by King Solomon, whose original name may have been Asherah, is described in the Bible as very similar. Both, Yemaya and Wisdom, have the number seven as their holy number, are associated with doves, are connected to the birthing of the waters (Genesis 1:1) and also govern the starry constellation (Job 38:31 and Proverbs 3:19) In the New Testament, Jesus and his followers throughout the gospels allude to being “fishers of men”, which parallels Yemaya’s description as Mother of All and Mother, whose children are fish. Thus Yemaya, most probably is the original Holy Spirit, and Wisdom Goddess.

(portrait by Katherine Skaggs)
(portrait by Katherine Skaggs)

This description of the Great  Mother correlates to the positioning of the full super moon in Pisces, even though the full moon lands in Pisces while Venus is retrograde. Venus is the planet of love as well of fertility. Pisces, the Fish, often get a bad wrap as whorish and deceitful, but in actuality are the most compassionate, generous people, though now may become a bit selfish while the Venusian love planet is moving backwards. But in my experience, this is a much needed selfishness, because they give to the point of being used far too much. So if you have been in a relationship like that, you might finally be about to get some loving pay back, to create a joyful balance. Likewise, in the reverse, if you have been negligent, then you may have some work to do!  Furthermore, we have the full moon granting a depth of spiritual illumination ad psychic awareness. Pisces is a secret keeper, but not just of secrets to deceive, but esoteric secrets of divine wisdom. My best friend Dawn is a Pisces woman and she is one of the most mystical, yet spiritually grounded women I know. Also every Pisces I have ever known has an uncanny ability of ferreting out the truth of who you are to the depth of your soul and loving with equal intensity your tragic, and unique beauty.

Many describe this as looking at the world in rose-tinted glasses, but I disagree. It is their deep wisdom that allows them to see what others may call ugly, as uniquely beautiful. They also have no trouble sharing the depth of who they are with someone that is willing to be transparent and soulful. Maybe because my rising sign is Scorpio, but I have a special psychic connection with my Pisces friend that goes beyond physical location, or personal drama.

Now with the full moon coming into play during this time, the deeper as well as, the self-destructive side of Pisces may be revealed, especially in love relationships. That is where Goddess Yemaya plays a pivotal role in helping you maintain balance during this soul baring and fertile transition. To connect with the highest vibration during this time, both men and women, must seek to emulate the characteristics of Yemaya or the Mother Holy Spirit.


The full moon is a great opportunity for those who have been married before to find a more loving, “eyes wide open” and mature, long lasting relationship.  It is also a great time for healing relationships of any kind that may have had arguing and fighting due to the Venus retrograde.  If people involved in or have recently experienced failed relationships and are looking for something more mature this is a great time to enter into a long-term relationship that may lead to marriage, though you might not want to solidify things until Venus goes direct September 8, 2015!  Just as the moon phase shifts, coming full circle, it brings emotional situations to happy completion of it’s cycle. This is especially great if you are in a karmic soul or twin flame relationship, that may have had a rocky start.

The full moon in Pisces will cause a release of buried emotions, and events occur that, at first, seem surprising.and completely unexpected, simply because what is birthed at the full moon is something that has already been gestating. Now with Venus in retrograde if you are blissfully happy in a relationship, you may experience a cleansing of any long harbored resentments, but these are only rooted up and out for transmutation and healing.  Pisces is the healer of the zodiac, in fact Jesus Christ, walked the Earth at the dawning of the age of Pisces.  So for those lost, single, hurt and confused this is a pivotal moment of a new direction and redemption.  This is your moment of experiencing the miraculous.

However, with Venus in retrograde, shifting into Virgo, one may tend to over analyze after the full moon has peaked and attract fear based situations.  The message from Spirit: DO NOT PANICK! Allow the miraculous transformations and shifting to occur. Trust that all things revealed are for your highest good and will lead you towards fulfillment of your destiny.  I am hoping for a positive and dramatic pivotal change in my career! Today, I received two confirmations of great change happening in my life by the butterfly totem. I will blog about my experience on the night of the full moon, but for now I will give you the necessary information you need to survive this full super moon.

yemaya2 (1)

Yemaya’s Pisces Super Moon Survival Guide

    1. Drink lots of water and speak positive thoughts to the water before drinking
    2. Meditate and ground with sea found crystals like the Atlantis stone
    3. No matter what situation develops maintain the fruit of the Spirit with love and patience
    4. Be nurturing of others
    5. Be creative and put all of your dreamy visions and new psychic awareness to craft something unique
    6. Be honest and do not hide anything from your loved ones or it will come out
    7. Stay away from drugs, alcohol or excessive sex and pornography
    8. De-clutter and cleanse your home
    9. Work out at the gym or do some physical fitness to strengthen your body and release pent up emotions
    10. If you want to get pregnant this is an optimal time

And just be the most glorious, uniquely beautiful you and trust that it is good enough!




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  1. That’s great! We come from such different places in the Universe and yet in this place our spirits dance in sacred unison..

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    1. Such a poetic way of expressing yourself that you have… And yes, we are all one beautiful ballet of love expressed joyful within the Universe! Blessed Be

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  2. This is awesome, thanks! 😀
    Also, this is the second time Yemaya has come to my attention this week… O.o

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    1. Synchronicity. I am glad to be a confirmation sign post for the Goddess blessing in your life! Blessed Be

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