Triple Goddess Of Tarot: A Message of The Messiah?

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You may find this utterly surprising; but did you know the original Tarot is actually based on the Kaballah tree of life? Did you fathom that tarot actually teaches us how to integrate the message of Christ and the Holy Spirit more deeply in our lives?

I stumbled on this subject when I as usual turned to my tarot for solace, healing and clarity in my life. Heartache had spurred a deeply transformative and meditative journey within myself. As I went through this transformation of ego and disengagement from the attachment I had to specific plans; I became fully aware of spirit speaking to me. My mind became awakened to the triple Goddesses within the tarot deck.  Here is how they can also speak to you.

My tarot cards have always been a source of comfort and hope for me as I face big issues in life. Lately, I have found myself facing a stony wall of silence from others, which has always been my undoing. As I turned this time to my tarot cards the Goddess Sige, Mother of All Creation in the Gnostic faith, reached out to me. She is the silent womb of the Universe that bursts forth life! I was admonished by her, that it is within the great void of silence that we first discover the seed of Wisdom needed to bloom great abundance of every form into our life.

The Pisces super moon looms ahead and I saw a pattern of the divine feminine that is found in the moon phases, connected to the triple goddess of the Tarot. It seemed clear to me that this super moon energy has become translated to us from divine, and that vehicles like Astrology, Tarot and Numerology can assist us in identifying and understanding the effect of how these energies impact us.

Triple Goddess Tarot Defined

Maiden, Mother, Crone is represented by Strength, Empress and the High Priestess, in that order. The Star card is our unseen, dark moon phase, which celebrates the Great Void and Universal Goddess. In the Kaballah tree of life, she is named the Ein Sof, by the ancient Hebrews. She is the beginning and primal creative energy of God.

In the tarot you can easily see the triple goddess crowned by the hidden Goddess and it is always helpful to give them a distinct personality. I see the Star tarot card as Sige, Yemaya, Aditi, Nut, Hathor, Maya, Holy Spirit or Uliuli; all of whom are expressed as the Great Creatrix and Divine Womb of the Universe.

Silence and the absence of what is matter, will always be the beginning of what will be matter. It is in this silence that Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding were first born, from the All Mother Goddess. Wisdom being the High Priestess and Understanding being Strength, as we become aware of the deeper meanings of Spirit speaking to us, we can then apply the messages of these cards as life lessons, and not just a quick flash of future prediction. The key to finding Understanding is the applying the Knowledge of Wisdom. This is actually biblical and can be found more fully explained in the introduction of the book of Proverbs.

Since Knowledge and Understanding go hand in hand to create balance and healing, one must then meet the Lion of the Strength tarot card. The Lion is Knowledge and He represents the Christ, he is the divine mate of the Goddess Understanding that is pictured with him.  As you can see Understanding and Knowledge are one within each other. They create balance, yin and yang, and represent the divine masculine and feminine. Interesting enough, the divine female aspect shown here echoes the supernal omnipotence of Holy Spirit to Christ. For it is by the Holy Spirit that even Christ ministered, healed and manifested miracles. It is She that gives him the power to subdue the earthly form He resided in to become God-like.

The infinity symbol above her head represents Mother Wisdom, which is always present in some form with all the Goddesses. Infinity symbol for her, the star crown for the Empress and the Torah and  horned full moon crown of the High Priestess card. The Maiden Strength card, shows the application of the vision of the Goddess, as she shuts the mouth of the Lion, becoming His spokesman instead, just as Holy Spirit is supposed to do! This equates to a joining or even the energy of consummation, making Strength’s fertile union with the Lion Christ energy to give her the crown of Empress, moving her into her next phase of Mother, so that she may bestow this “new revelation , message of the Messiah or evolution of Spirit upon mankind.

Her fertility then gestates, as the Empress Mother Goddess bestowing the heavenly vision of the Venusian Void of creation upon the Earth. This birth is from the seed of Christ knowledge in application form, which creates the fruit of Understanding. Once this vision has been birthed within you and I, making us Boaz, which means “strong, strength”. The same words that is written upon one of the pillars of the Crone High Priestess card. With grace and mastery she begins to retreat back into the silence of the Void, until her New Moon Phase heralding her transformation back to the Beginning, back to the Star tarot energy.

I have become aware that while one is still in thus Mother Empress stage one begins to receive certain lessons of the Crone to engage one’s transformation to the next stage of life. This may take years before one is ready to be a Crone, but all brings you closer every step of the way. And all of this applies whether you are male or female. This is about creative energies, not actual childbirth.

As I sat contemplating the message of silence that Goddess Sige implored of me, which has become an initiatory phase of my transition to Crone in a few more years; I saw the Goddess so clearly in my tarot cards whispering her sacred truths of creation and manifestation. The Star Card, is the Goddess of All. She is the crown of healing, creation, love, fertility and wisdom spanning across the sparkly heavens of the Tarot Tree of Life. She is the age of Aquarius.

She calls humanitarians and inspires poets and writers. Like the mighty Pegasus that she rides to bring in every Dawn, she expands her wings protectively over Her children. As she governs her daughters, the triple Goddess who rule the Earth and the Angelic Kingdom, each of these aspects of herself, showers humanity with her cleansing and healing touch.

As earthlings we are spinning in a vortex of creation constantly. In fact, right now I can feel the expectant air of a pregnant universe ready to give birth!

The Empress energy of Yemaya is poised during the full moon to birth us forth into a new level in our spiritual awareness. And once the birth takes place the fertility Maiden Venus will kiss the Lad Mars and the cycle will begin. Neptune, the ancient husband of the Crone Medusa will give birth to Pegasus once more.

This triple goddess cycle replays over and over again in our lives as the stars rekindle our awareness in silence, shower us with love and fertility and then bring us through agonizing rebirth and renewal.

We are often so busy symbolically portraying the aspects of the Maiden Strength, as we look for love, or the Mother Empress as we co-create our destiny with God, or the Crone High Priestess as we actualize the spiritual and esoteric knowledge of our existence that we neglect the sacred space within us of Sige, Holy Spirit, Yemaya….the sacred silence.

We yearn for this. We yearn for that. But are we so caught up in obtaining that which we yearn for we forget our sacred selves in the process? The Triple Goddess of the tarot remind us of the interconnectedness we have with the universe and how to connect with the hidden treasure of creation power within us.

But first we must sit in silence. We must allow our being to become filled with what is now. And to anchor ourselves with the energy of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Spirit so that we may co-create the Earth in perfect balance and harmony.

So my lesson the Goddesses bring me is be silent. Not that I can’t talk or teach, but to stop speaking to God about my “problems” and start speaking to my “problems” about God!

Circumstances will not dictate to me what I have the ability to manifest in my life! I have the authority and power to create whatever I desire! Just like the Magician I maintain my balance by connecting to the divine Goddess within me in silence. And that is the power I amplify to take authority over situations that try to hem me in!

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Blessed Be! I love you!!!!

Love, Ostara


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    Many Christians shy away from tarot. But did you know it was actually created by Jewish Christians who used it initially to teach the Tree of Life in Kaballah and the salvation of the world?


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