Twin Flames: My Heaven or My Hell?

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I have been teaching about twin flames as I have been going through the cycle with my own twin.  I guess, the full moon and venus mars conjunction brings out the lover in us all.

  A twin flame is your spiritual soul mate, one that is aligned by God, as your partner in assisting the evolution and love of the planet. Your twin is not the one you lust after initially, but the one that confuses you, secretly delights you and pushes and pulls at your soul to grow! 

I have composed a few lessons I’ve learned to maintain this relationship to grow in a positive direction.

My twin is the most beautiful, loving, smart, kind, generous and patient man I have ever known. Words can’t express how much I love him.  I would travel to the moon and back for him….literally! 

However, being in a twin flame relationship can really push the boundaries of what you believe love is and makes you really check alot of your negative habits.  

If your idea of love is one thing, when you meet your twin he or she will completely obliterate that! They also ignite a sudden awakening of spirit and self.

My twin influenced me to get in shape, be more healthy and go back to school to finish my degree in psychology. He is the kind of man I would want to be if I was not a woman. He is spiritually strong and mentally brave.

  However, there are areas in his life that I can also enrich. There are things that I can teach him and open him up to that no one else can reach. Because even though I am my own physical being I also live inside of him. 

He, my strong tower, is my covering. He is my blanket of security and my wall of protection. I am his soft and yielding side and I express the things he feels but is not able to articulate or allow himself to try, well, unless he is with me. Which right now he is distant. Ergo my personal Hell. 

It used to feel like damned if I do and damned if I don’t! But I realize now that is because I was so adamant he be my mate I left no room for the possibility we might just be friends in this lifetime. So with a heavy heart I have accepted this possible outcome.  

Now this kind of love is heaven on earth, but initially is like your own private hell. The two of you, once finally engaged into a relationship of sorts, will war for the headship. 

That is because you are still used to the regular soul mate dynamic. It may take a few years to fully appreciate the significance that you share one soul, and thus the other has no need to be in control, manipulate or dominate the other. 

In short, you share the same feelings for each other, same direction in life and the same spiritual basis.   The two of you are joined at the leg, so once you stop fighting the other one, you learn to walk in tandem. You are yin and yang, you balance each other rhythmically.

(Rainbow pictures by Ostara) 

Here is a breakdown on important rules of Twin Flame Relationships:

  1. Never lie to your twin, they can read your mind
  2. Your intuition about them is correct no matter who says it is not, even them
  3. You must NOT date, text or be talking to ANYONE else romantically or they will not be allowed to unify with you
  4. If you focus your love energy on being available, do not pressure them in anyway, let it unfold naturally (I learned that one the hard way)
  5. Be clear to God that she/he is who you want and no one else (repeated, yes it is that important)
  6. Be honest about your feelings, because they can feel them anyhow
  7. Wait until you know each other very well before you have sex
  8. Continue to work on your spiritual and career path
  9. Pray for them and do affirmations everyday about your relationship
  10. No matter how fast or far you try to run from them, if it is God’s timing your twin and you will keep being thrown together somehow. It’s unavoidable.

And I just have to say, this was a regular, middle of the day, rain for an hour rain. Never seen anything like this! #miracle   
The other day the Heavens gave me and my twin flame a standing ovation. All the way home rainbows lit up the sky after someone prayed for the two of us and as I neared my house I saw a double rainbow, with a full arch across the sky! It was amazing!

This wraps up my Twin Flame series for now!

Namaste! I love you!




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  1. Chess says:

    Great information, thank you!

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    1. Thank you my love! 🌷

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  2. tunnaika says:

    People should know,before ascending you meet a karmic twinflame,after ascending we meet our twinflame.if you stay togegher through the trials…you ascend together and become twinflame.

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