Choose Love: A Christian Witch’s Mercury Retrograde

Another Mercury Retrograde….sigh…Let’s find the joy in it and make it beautiful!

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Hi my lovelies!

Mercury retrograde, from  has already started off with a BIG BANG! Anyone having issues with their electronics? Text message misunderstandings? Plane delays? Computer viruses? Car troubles?

Well, then welcome to the wonderful world of the retrograde. Yet, there is so much more than the old adage to not travel, use electronics, or sign contracts! This does not have to be a time you bury your head in the sand!

This is a dynamic time of psychic energy and most of all love and illumination! During this retrograde, fantastic feminine lunar energies and Venusian goddess influence is prominent! Also it is a time for things or people to return in your life. The return is usually healing and during this time a twin flame may reappear after running, a divorced couple may learn forgiveness, a child may return home or even a lost pet may be found.

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